Friday, February 29, 2008

5w5d - Exhausted!

Dear Bunny,

Hi, sweetie! I'm so sorry that I haven't written to you since Monday. There's something you probably need to learn about your Future Mommy: I think I should have been born twins, because I always am involved in enough things to keep two people busy! Anyhow, work is what's been keeping me busy this week, between attending two days of training on Tuesday and Wednesday and then delivering two days of training yesterday and today.

And you're not helping, Bunny! I have never felt so exhausted in my life as I've felt this week! Oh my goodness, little one! Do you think you could spare a bit of energy for me after you use enough to grow yourself?? :-) I was so tired driving home yesterday afternoon that I really struggled to even stay awake for the twelve miles between the office and home - how pathetic is that?

I'm so proud of you, though, Bunny! When I finally got my bloodwork results on Wednesday (your silly Future Mommy forgot that the office was closed on Tuesday!), I was definitely in a bit of shock! Of course, I was very relieved that I was negative for all diseases and positive for all immunities, but the numbers! Wow!

4w5d hCG: 5200
5w1d hCG: 12000

So tell me, Bunny...what's up? Should I have listened to FF and used the earlier O date? Even adjusting back by two or three days makes those numbers seem awfully high. And remember, you still showed up negative on 2/14, so you couldn't have implanted much earlier than the chart shows...

Or...are there two of you in there, Bunny? The numbers aren't tripling or quadrupling, but they are pretty high for my presumed dates...which could mean that our little hunches and signs are right on! Of course, your mommy worries that it might actually be a bad sign and indicate something like a molar pregnancy, but I'm going to try not to dwell on that and instead hope that the numbers are either a non-sign or a good sign!

Bunny, I'm very excited that I get to see you soon! They scheduled me to come in to have my first consultation with the OB nurse as well as my first ultrasound with the doctor on March 12th - so it's less than 2 weeks now until I can see you! You'll be around 7w3d then, and so hopefully we'll even hear a heartbeat! Of course, we'll also get to see how many of you there actually are in there and if you're more advanced than we think. I can't wait!

I'm going to need you to help me look out for any signs of gallbladder issues, though, Bunny. They tell me that my total bilirubin count is elevated, which could mean that there's trouble brewing. Unfortunately, the symptoms are very similar to morning sickness, so if you could do me a favor and get that a bit more under control for me so I can monitor for issues, I'd appreciate it!

Would you believe, Bunny, that I'm already getting a tummy? I can't believe it. Of course, I was so thin to begin with that any weight gain or shift at all is noticeable, but to see a bump in the mirror already is hilarious to me! Your Future Daddy loves kissing the bump, though...he thinks you're the coolest thing in the world, Bunny!

Ok, ok, I know, I know, I'm talking your ear off! I'll let you go for now, Bunny, but I'm thinking of you always!




K @ ourboxofrain said...

Hooray for great bloodwork results -- disease-free, full of immunities, and awesome hCG levels to boot!

As for the high hCG levels, my hCG levels were even higher, and there's only one in there (measuring spot on, date-wise). At 4w5d, I was at 6457, and at 5w1d, 17901. I had the same thoughts when they came back -- multiples or molar. The betabase ( made me realize how wide the variation is.

I hope the gallbladder proves to be a non-issue!

Gia said...

How's Bunny?