Wednesday, February 13, 2008

12 DPO...and NOTHING.

Ok, so I haven't tested yet. You all should congratulate me, because Future Mommy LOVES PEEING ON STICKS. But I'm just not hopeful. I'm just not. I don't know why. I have no reason not to be, I'm just not.

Let's see...what am I feeling? Well, lower back pain. But that means squat because my lower back hurts every day! Ok, face breaking out. That's surely a symptom, right? Well, probably not. Because although I don't get zits every month, I do get them sometimes, so this is just random. Let's see, I'm starving at completely random times, even after eating large meals. But wait - I have hyperthyroidism - and even though I'm medicated, it doesn't mean that I couldn't have a day or two when my metabolism is just fast. So that means nothing. BBs? Not sore at all. Not a bit. Cramping? Nope. CM? Yeah, thick and creamy and yellowish, but I'm now convinced that that's just my norm every month from O to AF. Spotting? Not a drop.

So...if I have a cycle like last month - aka, super short - AF should be here 2/15. If I have a "normal" length cycle, AF should be here 2/17 - that stupid, dreaded day. FF still wants me to test tomorrow, 2/14.

So let's review the criteria I set for myself. At 5 DPO, I said I'd test on 2/14 if I'd had a dip and then a return to nice high tems. At 9 DPO, I simply said I'd test if my temps remained as high as they were on that day, but if they'd returned to the level they had been at, I'd test 2/15 instead. So what to do?

Well, my temps went down gradually at 10 and 11 DPO, but back up today, 12 DPO. All are still convincingly higher than my cover line. So here's what I'll do: IF my temperature is higher tomorrow than it was today (it was 97.97 today) and IF I don't have any symptoms develop between now and then to convince me that AF is on her way, I will go ahead and use my last Dollar Store test tomorrow, 2/14.

If my temp doesn't stay high and is lower tomorrow than today, I'll re-evalutate to decide when/if to test. If I do test, and if I get a BFP, I'm sure you'll all hear me shouting with joy. And if it's a BFN, which is honestly what I expect, I will not test again until 2/18.

Sound reasonable?




Anonymous said...

hoping and praying for you. Your plan sounds reasonable. plans are good.

Kelly said...

Good luck with your testing hon! I really hope its a bfp! I think your symptoms sound promising! :) Thank you also for all the support you have given me, it's really appreciated!!

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Oh just go ahead and test already! The suspense is KILLING me!!!

:) good luck!

Tracey said...

12dpo and no peeing on sticks - wow you are more patient than me.

I'm currently on 10dpo and had a temp dive this morning so looks like I'm out.

Great blog