Friday, February 22, 2008

4w5d (Rinse, Repeat)

Dear Bunny,

Thanks for being a good little Bunny at the doctor's today! Looks like we get to set you back by a day, though...the doctor thinks 4w5d is more accurate to describe today than 4w6d. Of course, once we get to the ultrasound phase, it could change all over again! That's ok, though! promise! You just come on and join us in your own sweet time, and we won't quibble over a day or two!

I'm so glad the doctor was enthusiastic about your chances of becoming a full-grown bunny come this fall. Seeing her - normally so reserved - positively bubbling over you really did your Mommy's heart a lot of good. God willing that blood will back up her enthusiasm and we'll progress smoothly!

Sorry to tell ya, but we have to go back on Monday to do the needle-stickey thing all over again. Yeah, sucks, but gotta check on you! If that goes well, that'll be the last needle for awhile, promise!

After that, it looks like we'll go back to meet with the OB nurse the week after next, and then get to see you on an ultrasound the week after that. I can't wait! They tell me that we may even get to hear your heart beat then, sometime around 7 weeks. YAHOO!

Ok, Bunny. I'll leave you alone for now so you can have a peaceful weekend doing all sorts of bunny things. Love you!



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