Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5 DPO and Nada

So, apparently the CBEFM lies.

Or something like that.

My temps and my CM did NOT support the two peak days the CBEFM gave me. It's off by at least one day, probably too. WTF? I pay $200+ for a machine and test sticks and it's WRONG?!

Anyhow, FF tells me I'm 5 DPO today. Realistically, it could also be 4 DPO or 3 DPO, but we'll just stick with 5 I guess.

Zero symptoms. Still have lingering sickness from last month - I'm about ready to cut my nose off! - but nothing even remotely early pregnancy like. I know, I know, I know that it's too early, but I like to delude myself into investigating imaginary symptoms anyways.

Invested in the paid version of FF. So now I get to have it tell me that we timed our BD "good" (of course, it went back and said that about EVERY month in the past six) and that I should test on 2/14, 13 DPO. I think that's's skewed because of my short cycle last month. But...

Hey, it's telling me to test. And we all know I love me a pee stick. And wouldn't that be an AWESOME Valentine's Day surprise?????

So...if I have a convincing dip before then...and if my temps are still good and high and not on the decline at that point...I'll test.

8 days to go. 8 days. ARGH! Cycle buddies, how are you doing?




Anonymous said...

Oh bummer, it would be fun to be in synch with you but im not. Im due to test now (approx 15-17dpo that is if i even did O)I really dont want to waste money on pee sticks all the time. Im trying to just wait for AF (due anywhere next 3 days starting tomorrow. Maybe im just prolonging the disappointment i mean if i get a neg i wont believe it anyways until i get AF. I hate this. This is my first cycle after short time off, have been ttcng year and half.
Wow this is a long comment you are probably sorry you asked a question, what was it again?lol

Future Mommy said...

Hey, Neen. Good luck staying strong before testing. I know...I hate wasting money, but sometimes the urge to POAS is just too much! I'm so glad I finally found dollar store tests! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks fm
you can uncross those fingers now tho as spotting today which usually happens day before AF
wish i had a $1 store here, only $2shops and they definatly dont sell them!