Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Baaaa-aaack!

Have you missed me, dear readers?

I have missed you! And boy, what a long 5 months it has been since we last conversed!

The highlights:
~Went on maternity leave early because of preterm labor
~Had a baby - Jeffrey Brent, 7/19/10, 7 lbs 8 oz
~Incorporated nephew and niece into household - nephew for a few months, niece for the summer
~Cate went to day camp 1/2 days, 2 days a week
~Cate started preschool (today) full days, 2 days a week
~Husband got a new job

And I'm sure there is more that I'm missing! But I'm back to blogging now (you'll remember that I took a similar hiatus both last summer and following Cate's birth) and hope to reconnect with many of my Blogging Buddies!

A taste of what's coming soon...

Breakfast at Tiffany's:
~Elections are coming, and I have opinions on races for local offices, state-level positions, and candidates for the US Congress. Stay tuned!
~A return to Tuesday Travels...I have many more tales to tell!

Zero to Mom:
~Terrible Two's (which actually start on the day after first birthdays)
~Sibling Interactions (Cate thinks Bubby's a doll she should be allowed to tote around all by her not-so-big girl self)
~Parenting other people's kids (short niece-and-nephew visits are fun; longer stays can be tricky to navigate)

How to Have a Baby:
~Differences between pregnancies
~HTHAB with 5 doctors or more (when it rains, it pours...)
~Jeffrey's birth story

...And more! So happy Tuesday to all, and I'll be back soon to restart my blogging adventures!

(Simul-posted to B@T, ZTM and HTHAB)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby 2.0

Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to take a moment to share our good news: we will be welcoming a new baby into our family in late June/early July. We're very excited and think that having less then 2 years between our kiddos will work out quite nicely.

You'll be hearing more about Baby 2.0 on three of my blogs.

~At Breakfast at Tiffany's, I'll be talking about time management and goal management and how those are impacted by a growing family.

~At How to Have a Baby, I'll be dishing the details of this particular pregnancy and some of the health bumps along the way.

~At Zero to Mom, I'll be talking about potty training, preparing for a new baby, preparing a toddler to be a big sister, and sibling rivalry.

Over the next few weeks, you'll also see some major revamping done on our food blog (Worth a Damn Recipes) and some major updates to my book blog (Read and Release). Major remodeling on my freelance and fiction writing web site is almost finished, as well.

So stay tuned with me for the next few months...it'll be a fun ride!


(cross-posted to B@T, HTHAB, and 0TM.)

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year, New Posts!

Hi, friends!/

Have you missed me?  As devoted as I was to this blog for so long, I've missed you all terribly.  But a few things really sidetracked me from posting here regularly in 2009:
  • Being a new mom is time consuming to the max!
  • Job and family drama is psychologically draining, not to mention a time suck.
But I'll be back here and posting regularly in 2010!  I still have lots to say on the topics of pregnancy, pregnancy loss, fertility, and various other baby issues.  I hope you'll stick with me as I carve my way back to being a regular blogger!!


Mama Bunny