Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Drop on Sunday, only a gradual rise to Monday, sharp rise to Tuesday, sustained high on Wednesday...

I think I found my O!


So if it was on Sunday, like I think (and some wonderful ladies from TTCAM checked my chart and confer!) then we have have indeed hit the nail on the head, so to speak! Now I just have to hope a little swimmie from Sunday night made it though!! And that this is one of the 20% chance months that the little bugger survives and implants. This could make for an AWESOME birthday present...I'm just so dang hopeful.

I've cut back on caffeine to one soda a day - I simply refuse to cut back any further than that. I'm having milk at least once a day, getting all the protein I can, and drinking lots of water, both pure and "mixed" with lemonade and Kool Aid mixes since I need the sugar. Lots of veggies, too in the past few days. Oh, dang it, I'm just so hopeful!!

Just had to share...FF should give me a crosshairs tomorrow if I have another high temp day. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!



Sunday, September 23, 2007

Charting...But WTF?!

Hi, ya'll!

Over the past 6 months, since my MC in April, I've been paying FAR closer attention to my body than ever before. In the past 3 or so months, I've been monitoring (and self-analyzing!) CM on a daily basis. At the start of this cycle on September 8th, I also started monitoring CP and BBT. But what the heck does my silly chart show? According to the website I use, I haven't O'd yet, but with the progression of CM and CP, I really feel like I have.

If any of ya'll are chart stalkers, please take a hop over to my site on FF and let me know what you think. Myself, I just don't know what to think. I would like to think that I'm actively in the 2WW this month, but who knows?!?!?

My Chart

Since FF has RSS feed capabilities, I'm going to go ahead and add that to the right side - up-to-date stats are always good to share!

Sometimes, the most frustrating part is just waiting!



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yearly Check-Up Went Well!

I had my yearly with the OB/GYN today and it went well! She asked if we'd decided to TTC again after the MC in April and I told her we definitely had - and had just really gotten serious about it this month. She gave me this booklet on conceiving and having children and it just cracked me up - it was like the beginners guide to sex and fertility. She said that all looked well and the only thing she wanted to check was if my rubella immunity was still up to date, so she drew blood for that. Otherwise, in her words, "full speed ahead and call us as soon as you get a HPT+!"

Just had to share! :-)



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Renewed Resolve

Sometimes, it just takes a simple conversation.

FD has been making comments recently that truly had me worried. To back up a bit, I'll start by explaining that I over-analyze EVERYTHING to death, and recently, with my body out of whack for various medical issues, I'm hyper-anxious on top of over-analytical - not a good combination.

While the kiddos were here, FD made remarks several times that included phrases like "that's why we only have cats and dogs" and "cats...dogs...that's enough". It sounded like he was joking, but really made me think. More recently, he's been taking guesses over who in the family will have the next baby (one of his cousin's delivered on Wednesday and another cousin's wife is due in November) but all of his guesses excluded us. Literally went through everyone else of childbearing age...except us. That hypothetical conversation made me go to sleep crying on Tuesday night...something I hid, of course, because I can't stand for anyone - even FD - to see me cry.

The last straw was at dinner on Wednesday night, after visiting his cousin and her new baby in the hospital. There, he made a remark over having serious doubts over bringing a child into this world (he sounded serious) and our crazy family (he was joking). I didn't speak more than about 5 additional words at the table and was silent on the way home. While he cleaned the kitchen at home, I crawled straight into bed. He arrived a few minutes later and knew I was upset...just didn't know about what.

So with a deep breath...I straight out asked if his desire to have children had changed in the months since our MC in April. In the past few years, I've become completely non-confrontational, so it was a very hard conversation for me to begin. But it went very well and we said a lot of things that needed to be said!

FD told me that the main reason for some of his comments was his fear that ultimately we would not be able to have a child of our own. He said that the joking helped him to keep a distance and not build hope towards something that might not happen. I agreed that I had some fear over that, as well, but reminded him that there were all sorts of options we could explore, when and if necessary. As the conversation progressed, it got pretty emotional at times, but the conclusion we came to at the end was that, more than ever, we wanted to start a family. We have good jobs, a lovely home, and although we aren't wealthy, we do ok. So this is it, more "not trying and not trying not to try"...we're actually going to start proactively giving it our all, so to speak. I'm charting a little bit of everything these days, so hopefully between that and a little bit of luck, we'll get on our way!

As I told FD, although I desperately want a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, what I really just wanted is to see if (a) I can get pregnant again and (b) what complications, if any, there are. Since the OB/GYN (who I'm seeing on Thursday for my yearly) won't treat IF problems until there are 3 or 4 documented failures (remember, I only have 1 documented and 2 suspected), I don't want to wait around until nothing really can be done. Perhaps FD said it best when he noted that he didn't want to get to be 45 (still 13 years away) and realize we still didn't have the family we wanted.

On other news, I've been having some odd other health issues. I was feeling decent after restarting thyroid and BP meds in early August, but I'm back to feeling crappy again. Numb hands, legs and feet, shaky hands, can't sleep at night but then groggy all day, increased discharge from my eyes, clamminess, increased heart rate (despite meds) and just a general feeling of being unwell added to an enormous feeling of anxiety and nervousness. Have slept a total of 6 hours over the past 3 nights. Not good. Am going to see the Endo on Tuesday for my six week checkup and hope she can shed some light on what is up.

Will keep ya'll posted, dear readers.



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry for the long break, ya'll. After saying goodbye to the kiddos who were visiting, we threw ourselves back into the cycle of working before heading out of town for a few days over this Labor Day weekend.

Just wanted to share something I just picked up off one of my iVillage boards - TTC First Child. M shared that Mucinex may be as effective as Robitussin for thinning out CM and enhancing fertility. I never thought of that - but they have the same active ingredient.

So here's the funny part. I took Mucinex every day throughout November and December of '06 and January and the first half of February of '07. Why? Two bouts of pneumonia mixed in with a respiratory infection. When did I get pregnant? Mid-February '07. Coincidence?! If you discount my other two possible M/Cs, since they never progressed along far enough for me to feel pregnant, and instead focus on the one time was far enough along to know it and confirm it, it just seems like an awfully big coincidence, eh?

I'm going to reinvest in Mucinex and learn from the girls on my boards of how often they take - this month is the last big "push" for awhile, I suppose. If we don't have a BFP by mid October (I'm not even holding my breath for September - I know full and well that we blew the timing) then we'll stop trying until Spring, most likely. The advice listed (and that I found corroborated elsewhere online) is to take Mucinex, or any medicine with the same active ingredient (like Robitusin) once a day for the 7 days preceding ovulation. Now, my O's are hard to predict because I don't temp and my cycle length literally varies from month to month, so I figure I'm going to start taking on CD 1 and continue until CD 15 - that ought to hit the right time!

On other news, my OBGYN's office called to remind me to come in for my yearly, and I have an update with my Endo coming up as well. Yay and yay. Poking and prodding and bloodwork, oh, my. My thyroid/BP meds aren't working as well this time around...I can feel it. After a month, I'm still in jittery mode, which ought to have stopped by now. We'll see what happens. 50% of women with Graves have ongoing issues with fertility and M/C so I'm just trying to make sure I do everything right.

That's all from my end of the spectrum!