Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dear Bunny, didn't really like my breakfast this morning, huh? Sorry 'bout that! I assumed that because your FM loves breakfast burritos from Sonic, you would too! least I left the hot sauce off, right?

I was so happy to see your FD so happy last night. It did wonders for my heart. He just kept bouncing in bed...said he was imitating a bunny. Yeah, your daddy is a goof ball, but I love him, and you will too!

I'm trying not to worry about you, Bunny, but I can't help it. I hope you've burrowed in just as tight as you can. And I hope that the angels watching over you help to convince you to stay burrowed for just as long as possible.

Love you, Bunny!




Anonymous said...

I am so very happy for you. I stumbled upon your blog today and I read from beginning. Congrats from the bottom of my heart. Your blog really touched my heart today and gave me hope.

Future Mommy said...

Thank you!

I started this blog last July because I desperately needed a place to pour out my thoughts...I didn't have any outlet besides my husband, and I was tired of burdening him.

Along the way, and mostly through my involvement in the boards at iVillage, I've met some of the most wonderful women in the world, and all of you have touched my life in so many ways. So I'm thrilled to death that some of my thoughts can touch you as well.