Friday, March 28, 2008

Support Relay for Life

Hi, everyone!

It's not often that I come to others to ask for support - in fact, the last time I participated in a fundraising event, I was in college! - but I'm posting today to ask for your support in reaching my fundraising goal for Relay for Life.

Cancer kills thousands of people every year - and I'll bet that all of you have been affected in some way by someone in your family or circle of friends. I've been asked to lead a team for my company, American Airlines, and in doing so, am participating as a walker in Relay for Life myself.

The big event is from 6 PM to 6 AM on April 18th and 19th in Euless, Texas. I'll be there with my teammates, keeping someone on the track continuously for the 12-hour event.

But before that big event, I need your support in raising money, through Relay for Life, for the American Cancer Society. Even donations of $1 or $5 can help the ACS work towards finding a cure for cancer so that we can stop losing our friends and family to this terrible disease.

To support me in relay for life, please visit my personal page here.

Thank you for your consideration and support!


Monday, March 24, 2008

A Better Picture

Right after our first ultrasound a couple weeks ago, I posted a picture of the picture...and really, you couldn't see much!

So here is the actual scan of the image!

The date on the bottom (7w4d) is right...the date on the top (7w2d) is contrived...the nurse put in the info as if I had a regular 28-day cycle instead of a shorter cycle. Silly nurse. Baby proved you wrong. :-)



I think that I accidentally skipped a MeMe I was tagged for awhile ago, but I just got this new tag from K and am determined to do it before I flake out and forget. (Blame it on pregnancy brain. After the past week, I'm convinced it DOES exist!)

Here we go...

The rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people

The book: The Husband, by Dean Koontz.
The sentences: "If you say so." "I do. I say so."

Okey are my tags!

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  2. Gia at Gia's Journey
  3. Jen's Journey Towards a Baby
  4. Hilary's at The Trying Game
  5. Olivia at Third Time's the Charm
Have fun, ladies!



9w2d - Tapeworm?

Dear Bunny,

So sorry for not writing for so long - I'm a slacker, aren't I? It's been a really busy couple of weeks between getting ready for our additional houseguests (your Future Cousins and Future Uncle) and actually having them here!

I get paranoid about you sometimes, little one. I'll go a whole five minutes without feeling nauseous and think something is wrong. But then it comes right on back...and I convince myself that all is well!

Boy, are you a hungry little critter! I thought I was eating a lot a few weeks ago when I was at 4 or 5 meals a day...and now I'm hungry pretty much once an hour! Ye Gods! I've gained 10 pounds in the past 5 weeks! I've never gained 10 pounds in a short stretch in my life! In my freshman year of college, it took me all year to gain 15 pounds, and that was only after I drank two 1500-calorie protein shakes daily! Wowza!

Lots of people know about you now, and that kind of makes me paranoid, too. I almost feel like I'm jinxing you, little one. I really hope not. I've actually only been able to bring myself to tell once...the rest of the time, your Future Daddy had to tell, because I was too nervous! But now most of the family (both sides) know and some of my friends. We'll tell our coworkers and bosses, soon! Everyone is very excited to see you in the fall, Bunny. Just you keep growing and doing well!!!

My hard-ish to see bump is now very apparent. I need new pants. Badly. But that's ok!!! :-) For you, Bunny...anything!

I promise that I'll update more often from now on, Bunny! We're really looking forward to getting an update on you in two weeks at the doctor!!!!



Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've promised pictures before, but I've never here we go!

Before: me and my flat belly, circa October 2007. Weight: ~100; Waist size: 25"; Pant size: 0/2.

Now: 3/12/08, 7w4d. There's definitely a bump! Weight: ~110; Waist Size: 28"; Pant Size: ??

Meet Hope, the bunny. Isn't the bunny darling?

Me, Bunny, and Dad!

The piece de resistance! Sorry it isn't very's a picture of a picture...I'll try to scan it instead another time and see if it comes out better. Hi, bunny! Mommy loves you!

7w3d=7w4d, No Twins!

Dear Bunny,

Ok, Mommy believes you now. You aren't twins. Got it!

Your ultrasound went fabulously, and they moved us back to 7w4d instead of 7w3d - which is funny, because if they'd listened to me on my cycle lengths in the first place, that was where I thought I should be today anyways! (Remember my post about 4w5d, rinse, repeat?)

They'll check to see how you're growing again, of course, but your size is no surprise to Mommy! I'm just glad to see you're forming well! The doctor was thrilled. We got to see your precious little heartbeat...thub, thub, thub! They tell me that I ovulated from the left side, which explains why I had so many aches and pains over there. But all in all, everything looks fabulous!

Daddy won the bet on twins/no twins. I really was convinced there was two of you in there, but nope! Joke's on Mommy! But the yolk sac looked great and like I said, everything else looked wonderful. Mommy feels a bit ripped up inside with them having used the insider rather than outsider probe...but oh, well!

We don't go back to see you again until April 9th, so until then, Bunny, keep growing well and strong, you hear? Daddy and I are going to do some talking over the next couple weeks to figure out what kinds of testing (if any) we want to do on you. Lots of ways to get kicked, probed and prodded! When we go back, we should be able to hear your heartbeat, too! Didn't hear it or time it today - only saw it! But that was cool, cool, cool!

And Mommy definitely needs some new clothes. Seven pounds gained so far, all in my tummy. Ouchers on trying to zip/button anything! This weekend, I'll go hunting for comfy pants!!!

Well, Bunny, that's all I got for you now! I love you, baby!!



Monday, March 10, 2008

7w1d...I love you, Bunny!

Dear Bunny,

Goodness, it's been awhile since I've written to you. I sure have been talking your ear off these past few days though, haven't I?

Bunny, I'm so glad you got to meet your future Poppa this weekend! Don't you just love what we decided you'd call my Dad? Even though he's not able to communicate any longer, he seemed to like that name best when we asked him to squeeze my hand after giving him options. It makes me sad to think that he may not still be around when you actually join the world. But even though we had to go to PA on emergency when he took a downturn, I was happy that he seemed to react when your Future Daddy told him our news and even more happy that he was the first to know. We took a picture of our stuffed bunny with him, and I'll post it here for everyone to see soon. Your future Grandma reacted quite nicely as well...I was worried that she would be upset, since she's in no rush to be a Grandma and thinks we're too young (ha! have you seen your Future Daddy's gray hair?) to have you. Now, we just have to convince her to let us call her Baba, which is what I called her mom.

You've got me totally exhausted, Bunny, but I'm glad that you at least held it together for your first few plane rides...I was worried that I'd be borrowing throw-up bags from everyone around, but you did quite nicely! This hunger thing is really getting out of hand, though. You're on every three hours like clockwork at this point...even in the middle of the night! I guess you're trying to prep me for when you're really here, huh? I do appreciate that you gave me a free pass a few times over the past few days when we were in PA, however, and I was busy helping your Poppa and couldn't stop to get you food.

The agents at the airport thought it was so cute that we were traveling with your stuffed bunny, but we wouldn't have dreamed of leaving it behind. It's definitely our good luck charm by now, and both I and your Future Daddy talk to it daily. Usually plotting against the other...but anyways!

I had to buy a new bra this weekend - first time I've gotten larger in years! New pants aren't far behind...even my "fat" pants are tight now. And only at 7 weeks! Ye Gods! Now, granted, my "fat" pants are a size 4, so really, not large, but when I normally wear 2's or 0's...I think I may simply buy "normal" clothes that are just a size or two larger to wear in the meantime and then after some more time passes, get actual maternity wear. If it would just warm up, I could start wearing my summer dresses that are flowing...they'd cover you nicely. But dang, Bunny. I seriously can't believe that I already have such a pronounced bump!

Well, I guess that's my only update for now, Bunny. You and I are off to CA for the day tomorrow for Mommy's work, but then first thing on Wednesday morning, we get to go see you! YAHOO!! We can't wait for the ultrasound!!!!! Your Future Daddy and I decided that we were going to write our guesses on twins or single on a piece of paper and then pull them out after the U/S. And then...we'll make our guesses on gender(s) after that and put them away until it's far enough along to figure out exactly what kind of little baby we'll be bringing home!!

Love you Bunny. Lots and lots and lots and lots.



P.S. Sorry for not posting in so long, ladies. We were out of town starting last Wednesday and up until this morning. My Dad, who has Alzheimers and recently broke a hip, has been in a nursing home for the past few months receiving care for both ailments. After an unexplained fever that sustained at 104 for more than a week, he was given a terminal diagnosis and pronounced to be end-of-life, which necessitated our quick trip up north. Fortunately, he has stabilized, but will likely not improve, and is not incommunicative and cannot eat, drink or walk on his own...and the latter not at all. He is spoon-fed every meal - pureed and/or mashed - and can only sip thickened liquids when someone holds a straw to his mouth. He said about a total of 20 words over the 5 days we were with him, and about half of those were gibberish. But he's great at holding hands, and FD told me that he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye when he told him our news while I was down the hall arranging stuff in his room. I never knew either of my grandfathers, because they died before I was born, and was so looking forward to making my dad a grandfather, but even if something happens to him between now and then, I'm happy that he was the first to know of our miracle and that he was able to react to the news. And he squeezed my hand HARD when I suggested Poppa as a name for the Bunny to call him!