Monday, February 25, 2008


Hi, Bunny!

Are you being a good little bunny? We've been thinking about you all weekend! I got some of your numbers back today - just the progesterone - and it was 22.9 - which is high enough at 4w5d to make me feel happy! No HcG yet - hopefully tomorrow I'll have both Friday's and Monday's numbers - fingers crossed!!

I've been teasing your daddy about you a bit...I keep asking him "what if it's TWINS?" You see, daddy's coworker just had triplets, and so this is a really opportune time to tease. And then...we had something REALLY weird happen this weekend, Bunny. Your daddy was cooking eggs for breakfast on Saturday (I didn't have turned my stomach, so I just had bacon and rolls) and the first egg he cracked open had twin yolks! How bizarre - he's seen that before, but I never had. So...I came over to check it out. And we cracked the next egg open...TWIN YOLKS!

How funny! The other two that were cooked were just normal singletons. But it got us thinking - how funny of a sign would that be?? I told your daddy that if I got to my ultrasound in a couple weeks and there were two of you in there, I'd probably die of a heart attack while laughing my butt off. But seriously, Bunny...if you're actually Bunnies...we love you both and want you very, very much.

So whoever/whatever/however many of you are in there, keep doing what you're doing! Pending good blood work results, we'll probably get to peek at you in about two weeks - and we can't wait!!




Third times a charm said...

OMG. I have been away from the blog world and just found out. How exciting. I am so happy for you guys. Here's to hoping for twins. Keep us posted.

Duck said...

hope your bunnies are doing well.