Thursday, February 21, 2008


Dear Bunny,

Ok, I get it with the breakfast burrito - I do, believe me. But pizza? Dude, you're killing me here. I just had pizza on Monday - you were semi-ok with it then! But did you have to let me get to the SIXTH slice before you protested? Haha, you mom's a pig sometimes. Especially with pizza!

By the way, have you gotten to meet all of the fantastic women who come around and read Future Mommy's blog? Aren't they awesome? I can safely say that I have the best virtual support group ever!

I had some pretty darn bizarre dreams last night - I wonder if you caused them? You weren't even in them, but they were REALLY weird. Trippy. And you know me...I'm not much of a dreamer!

I'm getting excited for tomorrow's appointment. You'd better be snuggled in tight and let the doctor get back good bloodwork numbers as a result!!! I have all of my crossables crossed that that's the case. Maybe I'll even get to see my first picture of you tomorrow - since she has an U/S right in her office! Last time, they checked on your angel-sibling only after I was having issues, and that was a week further advanced, but who knows what they'll do this time!

I'm going to stop and buy a notebook on the way home from work tonight to start keeping track of pregnancy things. I have about 1,000,000,000,000 questions to ask and to think about and to plan out, and I want to get myself organized!!

Love you, Bunny!




Tracey said...

I'm a little bit late - but CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you.

You deserve it girl!


Future Mommy said...

Thanks, Tracey!