Monday, February 18, 2008

Dare I Hope?

Ok, it's after midnight, so I'm officially at CD 29, 15 or 17 DPO.

That's right...AF hasn't shown up yet!

After spotting a bit on Thursday and Friday, I've had a couple days of nothing.

No symptoms...but no AF either. No more spotting...but have I mentioned no symptoms?

Ok, so my BBs are now way sore. And I'm hungry a lot. But that happens EVERY MONTH. So I just can't let that get me hopeful.

Haven't re-tested. My longest cycles have been 28 days, and since we're only 20 minutes into day 29, I need to give it a bit of time yet. Usually, AF shows up by about noon, so if I can make it 12 hours without seeing her ugly face, I'll start thinking about testing tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

If you can spare me a prayer or a pair of crossed fingers, I'd appreciate it. I gave up on this cycle on Thursday...but if there's a chance that it's still a viable cycle, I'll take it. For sure...I'll take anything I can get.

Hope the kid likes beer, though! After giving up on Thursday, I had a mixed drink with Valentine's dinner, a little bit of champagne in a mimosa this morning, and a beer while watching the Daytona 500 this afternoon. I have already decided, however, that I will not feel guilty about that. After all, if I wasn't actively TTC, I wouldn't even suspect anything yet...but until AF shows up shortly or a little one shows up in 9 or so months, no more beer/liquor for this chick!

Twelve hours. No biggie, right? AF, please, please, please, please take a pass on me this time. I promise, you old hag, I'll make it worth your while!



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K @ ourboxofrain said...

Everything is sounding super promising!! All my crossables are crossed for you!