Friday, February 15, 2008

More Insurance "Stuff"

Read FD's health insurance policy last night before we headed out for Valentine's dinner, and although it's shockingly better than mine in the area of infertility, it's not much so.

See...his policy actually DOES cover testing - bloodwork, that is. No diagnostics like an HSG, no prescriptions for anything like Clomid, no procedures like IUI or IVF. But they cover injectibles. So basically, they'll cover sticking you with needles.

Definitely not worth pursuing. We'd have to wait until his next open enrollment period, which is just before his fiscal year starts in September. And then I'd be stuck on his insurance for the full year. So for $300 a month to add me, simply not worth it. We can use that money and pay for our own damn bloodwork and whatever else if/when the time comes.

I sporadically job hunt just to see what options I have, even though I love my job/company, so health insurance provisions will be something I check out more thoroughly in the future!

Until then...



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