Monday, November 3, 2008

Bunny, Day 25

I can't believe that the little one is almost 4 weeks old!

I commented to her daddy last night that I can already tell the difference between the sturdy baby she's becoming and the frail little thing she was at birth!

Over the past week, we've learned a few important lessons.
  1. Side feeding works wonders! She latches on easier and mom is comfier.
  2. Mom has to STAY AWAKE during side feedings so she can transfer baby to her crib afterwards and baby doesn't end up spending all night in mommy and daddy's bed!
  3. A little baby can pee an awfully big puddle. Yipes.
  4. It really is possible to poop, pee, puke and sneeze all at the same time without exploding. I've seen her do it!
  5. Spit up that comes up curdled means that it's already hit her stomach and mixed with acid. This happens, it seems, when she isn't burped enough.
  6. Spit up that comes up as smooth milk means that she's eaten too much and it doesn't get a chance to hit her stomach because her stomach is full. She's a beast sometimes and just eats and eats and eats and eats.
  7. Swaddlers are the best inventions ever and thank you to Chris' coworker for passing a few along to us!
  8. Pacifiers are evil. I wasn't even going to try them (despite the fact that we were given like a dozen) but after a particularly hard crying spell, I decided to try. She hates 'em. No milk, no suck.
  9. Tummy time is hard to achieve. She doesn't like being on her tummy. Back, ok. Side, ok. Tummy = screaming.
  10. Reasoning with an infant is, um, silly. But I still try!
Entering week four of being off from work - I'm starting to become a bit stir crazy and have 10 weeks left to go. Still working on finding non-baby time and working on other objectives. Life is a process!

Hope everyone is well!