Thursday, January 31, 2008

CD11, CBEFM High

Here again. High again.

Didn't so much work out with FD waking me up when he got home from work...apparently, I was Mrs. Grumpy Pants and wouldn't wake up. Mind you, I have NO memory of this!

FD counteracted grumpy FM by setting his internal alarm for an hour before my alarm was to go off (he's one of those annoying types that can tell himself what time to wake up and then actually do it) and so commenced round one of "To Catch a Fleeing Egg." (Think "To Kill a Mockingbird")

Lunch today, tomorrow and Saturday isn't going to work out either - doesn't that just figure? The best time presents itself...and life is busy otherwise! So apparently, there'll be a lot of early morning activity going on in my house this week!

Bless his heart, FD is just determined to make this happen and NOW. He woke me up, reminded me to temp, reminded me to pee for the CBEFM, and then started to work his magic.

When did he become me?

I've got to tell you that my heart does ache for him. He just can't understand why this isn't happening...and since I can't either, there's not much I can say to help. So...we just hold out hope for another month, and see where that gets us!

I read a blog the other day of a gal who has decided that her New Year's resolution this year is to have a baby. She's fairly newly married and the time is right. Before TingTC, she's going out and reading every baby book available and planning it all out. Bless her heart, I just want to somehow tell her that no matter how much you plan, these things just happen outside of any possible timeframe you can concoct. But I just don't have it in me to dash her high spirits like that.

That's all I got on my end...hope all is well with all of you! Two days until the isn't that just some kind of limbo???



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