Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby Watch '08

Ok, so amongst our circle of friends, we're up to four babies on the way for 2008. The first is our realtor, the second a childhood friend, the third an ex-boyfriend's wife, and the fourth FD's coworker's wife. First and third are expecting number two, second and fourth are expecting number one. We can't help but be happy for them...but it makes it all the more bittersweet to have been trying for so long with nothing to show.

Ah, well. FD apparently didn't hear his coworker's wife's baby announcement at his birthday dinner, because when I mentioned it on our drive home, it hit him like a shock. He recovered nicely, however, and said, quite confidently, that he knew we wouldn't be that far behind.

I hope he's gifted with the second sight, because I want that to be true more than anything. I'm ready. We're ready. Now we just need a baby to be ready!

MANY, MANY congratulations to the handful of women at TTCAM who got their Christmas/New Year's miracle - I can't believe so many of you got your good news all at once, and it's just simply thrilling. Stick, beans, stick!



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K @ ourboxofrain said...

In addition to two cousins due between now and March, we have three friends due the actual week I was with my first pregnancy -- two good friends (one a friend since junior high, one since high school) and the other a woman I rode the bus with and became friends with since we had the same basic job (in the past couple of weeks, she has quit and no longer rides the bus or has a job, but we're still in touch). It's a truly painful reminder (and, sadly, it doesn't get much easier, even when you do get that elusive BFP, or at least not during the first 2 days -- DH asked last night when we'd stop hating pregnant people). I too hope FD has second sight!!

(Feel free to add me to your blogroll :) I haven't updated mine in months and should do so at some point. I do kick around and post at TTCAM sometimes (which is how I found your blog), but tend to spend more time at TTCYFC.)