Friday, January 11, 2008

4DPO...Still Sick but New Symptoms

I'm still sick, dang it. Missed my second day of work today. My massive headache morphed into an ear-and-sinus show. Not fun. I hate being sick.

Second morning of elevated temperatures. And for what I've logged in FF, both yesterday and today, I took off a whole degree, since I've had a fever since I got sick. So really, I'm fudging. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, my temps will go down and I'll get true readings.

New symptoms, though! My realistic voice tells me these are related to my progesterone cream. My hopeful voice says that perhaps, even at 4DPO, I can start feeling RPS!

Here we go: I've been nauseous since about 2 this afternoon. Not awful nausea, but definitely noticeable. Since about 7 this evening, my BBs have been pretty sore.

And WTH - I thought O pain was supposed to end after, well, you O! For the past few days, I have had consistent twinges in my lower right abdomen. Not cramps - although I had cramping in the same spot on my two peak days. But twinges. Noticeable. Not painful. But not something I recognize either.

Weirdness. Hope these next 7-10 days go VERY, VERY quickly!!!

How are all you pregnant ladies out there? Hanging in there?

How about you ladies in the same boat as I am? Keeping you hope up for this month? I hope so!!




Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I feel like I get o pains all through TWW, sometimes I swear I feel them on one side and then the other. I hate it because it makes me feel like maybe I didn't really O, but in hindsight my original O date, was correct. Good luck this month!

Future Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing, Cindy! My wacky body has now changed things up on me, and the twinges are now on the left instead of right. Very odd...but for now, I'll delude myself into thinking it's somehow a good sign!! :-)