Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Broke Down...

...and tested.

Well, after I found a dollar store that actually DOES have HPTs.



I knew it would be...even if this is my month, it still feels too early...AF isn't due for another 4-5 days. Am I nuts?!

Had more spotting tonight. Didn't have to go excavating this came to me. First time I peed, there were bright red splotches. Second time, it was dull red mixed in with my CM again. Third time, nothing.

Have I mentioned that I'm peeing a lot?

Still trying to stay hopeful, but boy did I hate seeing yet another BFN.

On to tomorrow. I've decided that if my temp is at least as high tomorrow morning as this morning, I'll test again with FMU. And then if that's a BFN, I'll test again Monday.

I bought three tests - love that they're a dollar. Hate that I have to PIAC and then use a dropper. So tomorrow and Monday will finish off that supply.

And...if nothing on Monday...then I will wait until Thursday IF IT KILLS ME. Or maybe Wednesday. HA!

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.



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