Thursday, January 17, 2008

10 DPO...and Hopeful... I've cheated.

Kind of.


Sort of.

I decided to try out the CBEFM test sticks as an alternative to an HPT. And ya know what I got?

Yeah. Nada. Left line = really dark. Right line = almost nonexistent.

But ya know what? I'm still hopeful.


Well, looking at my post-sickness temps, it looks like I have a decent dip yesterday. Implantation? I hope! :-)

I continued to have TONS of CM - and all of it has been yellow-tinged for like four days now. Have I mentioned tons?

A little confused on the whole CP thing. It seems very high right now...compared to right after my O...but I haven't actually monitored it every day to see what's up. Bad me. But I really have to reach to touch it now...can't remember it being so high before.

Still have sore BBs. No more tummy flutters, though, whatever those odd twinges were. No cramps. Sore lower back, but it always is, so that's not a symptom! :-)

But I still have about a week before AF is there's still plenty o' time for me to either become WILDLY hopeful or just decide my chances this month are just as crappy as any other month. I guess we'll see, right?

So I've blown two CBEFM test sticks on my cheating - er - experiment, but I justified that in my mind by telling myself that you're supposed to use 10 per month and I only needed 8 prior. Right?

TRYING to hold out until Monday to POAS - a real stick, this time. That'll be 14 DPO. AF should arrive around Wednesday or so, if the hag is coming this month. So Monday's fair, right?

Right? :-)




Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

I do believe that my implantation was at 10dpo. Dying to know how the next round of testing goes!


Kelly said...

Hey, I read something somewhere that OPKs won't be positive until AFTER a positive pg test.. they aren't that sensitive, so don't lose hope!!!

Future Mommy said...

You know, I read the same thing, Kelly...but then on a few other sites, I read that an OPK or CBEFM test stick would show a pregnancy even before an HPT. I think I'm obsessed with them because they're handy and I don't have any HPTs left after much frivolous P'ingOAS in prior months. ARGH!

Well, Hilary, nothing to report yet. I think that if a little bean burrowed in, it would have been around 9 or 10 DPO, based on my little temp dip and now some spotting at 10 DPO. Still another few days to wait and see. I HATE WAITING! :-)

Anonymous said...

im just wondering are you pregant

Anonymous said...

i ask that cause i am trying for baby no3 and i too cant wait to test i went and bought a tes that can tes 7 dpo but it was neg i gues i have to wait till the end of the week to get a more acurate test

Future Mommy said...

I am pregnant, Anon, but it wasn't from this cycle. In my experience, my early tests were always a bust, including the very next cycle after the one I wrote about here. In that cycle, I again tested early - 2 days before AF was due - and it was negative. I gave up...but when AF was 2 days late, turns out baby was on the way!