Saturday, January 19, 2008

12 DPO...and more spotting

Well...I still have four days to go until when AF may show up but I have a bit more spotting this morning. I know, I know, there are various reasons for spotting. And in all honesty, I kind of had to go excavating to even spot the spotting. CM still creamy and yellow but the little bit of spotting I found is bright red instead of a dullish-red-brown like the other night. So who knows?

For some reason, I just don't feel as hopeful today as I did yesterday. BBs still sore but not as sore. No nausea. I've had a total systems change, too, with my potty issues - since I got sick now almost two weeks ago, I've had to stay close to the bathroom after each and every meal. Since mid-day yesterday, I'm totally blocked up. I told FD that it was like a boat where they throw the motors into full reverse.

My lower back is aching a bit more than usual, too. No cramping, although I had more of those strange twinges last night.

So I don't know...I'm certainly not the authority on how I "should" feel right now if I were to be pregnant, but I'm just not as hopeful. Argh. Have I mentioned that waiting sucks?

And yes, I did blow another CBEFM test stick this morning. Right line is again a bit darker than yesterday but not as dark as the left line. Still means nothing. I just had to pee on something! :-)

I told FD this morning that I'd had a good temperature - meaning that it hasn't dropped (yet). He asked me how soon we could test. I explained that although we could probably test now, since some tests claim to be accurate up to 5 days before you're due, it would be better to wait another few days to be even more accurate. Not sure he liked that response. I know that I don't either, but I don't want to go spending more money on HPTs that I just damn well know are going to be negative because it is still early.

Speaking of HPTs and their cost, I visited the Family Dollar store down the street last night...and definitely couldn't find any HPTs. I've tried that store and a couple other dollar stores in the past and I've NEVER seen HPTs there. But I always see people on the boards talk about their dollar store tests, so where you do guys find them??? I'm dying to know. Am I just not looking in the right places?

Anywho, off to make myself busy for the next few days...still hoping to hold out to test until Monday. :-)




K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm super impressed with your self-restraint -- I definitely couldn't get past 12dpo without POAS.

As for the dollar store tests, I've always wondered too. My dollar stores don't seem to carry them either. I think everyone else is making it up :) (I used internet cheapies from and confirmed with a EPT Certainty digital).

Anonymous said...

Most dollar stores in my town keep there HPT's behind the counter. Dollar Tree tests are sitting out and work great.

Future Mommy said...

Thanks! At 33 weeks pregnant, I think I'm well beyond an HPT, though! :-)