Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CD10, CBEFM High we are again. Welcome to this month's edition of HOW TO HAVE A BABY! (hahaha)

Got my first high this morning on the CD later than last month. FD and I decided we'd try the whole going home at lunch thing (I work days M-F, he works nights W-Sa) but that didn't work out today, so I have to wait until he gets home in the middle of the night...which would technically be tomorrow.

We intended to have a practice session last night...but were just too tired! *Snore*

So what are we going to do different this time baby aspirin. No mucinex. Going to start progesterone cream after ovulation is confirmed on FF again. And...that's it.

I'm going to *guess* that since my first high is one CD later than last month, and assuming that my LP stays the same length, I'm in for a 26 day cycle this time around. That would mean AF is due 2/16, or right after Valentine's Day. That'd be a nice present, wouldn't you say?

So here we GOAL for this cycle PingOAS until 2/14 or 12 DPO...whichever is later, if those two milestones happen not to coincide.

Here's to my 12th post-MC cycle!



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