Sunday, January 6, 2008

Loving My Monitor!

Note: even though I mention TTCAM in my blog a lot, please do not feel as though you are unwelcome if you've come to visit my blog from somewhere other than the TTCAM iVillage group. Everyone is welcome, and I appreciate all of you for coming to stop by and offer your own thoughts. And if any of you would like to be added to my blog roll, simply let me know!

Can I just tell you that I am IN LOVE with my CBEFM? It's the greatest damn thing ever invented, and I'm so glad we bought it!

I'm not sure which was more exciting - starting to pee on sticks every morning (FD calls that practicing for the "real thing") or having our first "high" day on Friday! FD commented that he loves having a machine that tells him to have sex. Haha! He's cute - have I mentioned that? So yeah, we took advantage of both high days so far.

Random aside: having difficulties in this whole TTC process has actually improved my sex life. I've read about so many couples whose bedroom lives suffer as a result of issues, but for us, man, the past few months have been the greatest in our three year relationship. I know, I know, there are limits to what we should share on blogs, right? But this is just a good thing!

So I'm wondering when we'll have our peak days. My EWCM has started early again this month, just like last month. Not sure what the deal is there, but I'm all-too-willing to take advantage of it! Have been taking Mucinex (well, the generic Target form - much cheaper) daily since CD5 as well as one baby aspirin per day. Plus still taking my prescription meds for my Graves disease. (one thyroid, one blood pressure)

I am not on prenatal vitamins right now, which is frustrating to me. You ladies from TTCAM may remember my troubles with refilling - the kind I take was re-branded and that caused all kinds of issues in my pharmacist's head. So I haven't had them to take for a couple weeks now. I really need to go to my doctor's office to pick up new samples to decide if I want to switch or just get a new script for the retooled/rebranded vitamin, but that hasn't worked itself into my schedule yet, unfortunately. This has me somewhat panicked...I know that I need those nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. But on the other hand...when I was pregnant in the past, I wasn't on vitamins when I conceived...and still conceived. But on the other hand, I miscarried, so maybe not having those vitamins soon enough was a factor. But on the other hand, women conceive and carry babies successfully every single day without taking prenatals. So really, even if it's not 100% necessary, I really think it should be, if for nothing else than my mental health. I think I'll scurry on down to CVS tomorrow and buy some OTC vitamins to use in the meantime and work on getting those samples to make up my mind going forward. FD volunteered to pick them up if I couldn't (he works in the city where my doctor's office is...for me, it's a 20 mile drive from work/32 mile drive from home) and I think that's sweet. My concern is that the kind I was on was the only kind that didn't make me violently ill when I first tried the sample - the other six kinds that I diligently tried for a week a piece all made me want to die. So we'll see.

Hoping that it doesn't take the full 5 high days to get my peak days, as the CBEFM guide predicts. I'm out of town one of the peak days and just hate the thought of missing prime BD time. (I work for an airline and have a business meeting in San Jose - that involves getting to the airport at about 6 AM, flying west for three hours, moderating a three hour meeting, having two hours to waste on the ground, and then flying back east for three hours, and arriving back at my home airport around 9 PM. Sounds fun, eh?) So if I have 5 high days (starting on Friday), that'd make my two peak days Tuesday and Wednesday...and my trip is Wednesday. So we'll see, I guess. And yes, FD is already at work by the time I get home on Wednesday, so that's out. Darn our opposite schedules. I usually love it, but there's times when it really sucks.

Speaking of peak days, I always felt like FF was putting my O dates too late in the cycle. I know it goes by temp and all, but my EWCM has always come earlier than my dip/rise, and my rise hasn't always been a straight up kind of thing, so if I get my peak days on Tuesday and Wednesday, I will feel vindicated that my O date really is earlier in the cycle than CD 17 or CD 18. I was somewhat vindicated last month - FF said I O'd on CD 16. If my peaks are on Tuesday/Wednesday, I guess that'd again give me an O on CD 16, right? (Isn't your O date the day after your last peak?)

Anyhow, I'm rambling, so I'll say bye for now.



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