Monday, January 21, 2008

14 DPO...still nothing

Here we are at 14 DPO...and nothing to show!

Didn't even test this morning - aren't you proud of me? After two days with two BFNs, I just didn't have it in me to do again.
  • Stopped spotting yesterday afternoon. Not a drop since.
  • Still have creamy/yellowish CM, but not as much as before.
  • CP still high. Feels firm, but not as firm as the beginning of a cycle, and is closed.
  • Temp went up this morning, but only by a few temps. It's a limbo temp - not high like right after O, not low like before O. Just...there.
  • Twingy cramping continues on lower left side.
  • Still plugged up tighter than a corked bottle of wine. Way annoying. How much can you eat before you just burst?!
  • BBs still a bit sore, but not overly so. Nips now VERY sore. Still feel bigger.

So...prehaps so, perhaps not. We'll see! Still have two days until AF should rear her ugly head, or perhaps even three, since my cycle fluctuates by a day sometimes. I'm going to try to hold out and not test again until Wednesday morning, 16 DPO - unless AF comes roaring into town by then.



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