Thursday, January 10, 2008

3DPO...and Sick

Dang it, dang it, dang it. I'm sick, so I don't know if my BBT this morning was due to that or to an actual steep climb. I suspect it's sickness-related, because it only went higher after that and has been hovering at 100 all day. DANG IT.

Other than that, happy to be at 3 DPO, and hoping the next week+ go very fast. I know, I know, I know that I will want to test as soon as 10 DPO rolls around, but I'm really going to try to hold out for when AF is due. Heck, with all the BFPs at TTCAM these days, I'm probably going to want to test at 8 DPO, where (quite) a few of you gals were when you got your HPT+. RESIST, RESIST.

So, if we achieve success this time around (positive me says that it's a new cycle and we're trying new things so let's go STICKY BEAN, while negative me says this is the 11th cycle post-miscarriage and month 20 overall, so why should anything be different. I'm actively trying to murder negative me.) then we'll hit the end of the 1T right around Easter.

And Easter will be VERY big in my house this year. My BIL is deployed to Iraq right now, and will be coming home - to our home, that is - for his mid-tour leave on Good Friday. And his kids, who his former wife took back to Canada upon their divorce, will be flying down the day prior to see their dad and all of the rest of us and stay for a week. In the midst of that, my MIL is ending her 5-month winter stay with us three days after Easter. So we'll have a FULL HOUSE for about 5 days and then some transitioning time after that, as first my MIL leaves, then the kiddos, then my BIL. We won't know what to do with an empty house! Hopefully, we'll have a BFP to announce by then and plans in gear to start filling the house back up!

We did decided that we'd feel secure enough at 12 weeks or the start of the 2T to announce any good news we might have. I know that there is still a chance of M/C after that, but Easter would just be such a great time to share this news...almost a year to the date of when we got our spring BFP last year...but hopefully without the same dreary end.

I've already planned it out in my mind - hope that doesn't turn out to be self-defeating. I figure that I'll tell my close, close girlfriends just a little before at a St. Patty's Day gathering I'm planning to attend (mind you, I've never shared any of this TTC stuggle with them...) and then fly up to my parent's house the weekend before Easter to share it with them, and then share it with a majority of DH's family over Easter weekend, and then fly out to my FIL's the weekend after to share it with that part of the family. Thank God I work for an airline, or this flying around business would be a bit tricky, eh?

So anyhow, started back on my progesterone cream yesterday and ended Mucinex the day before. Still taking a baby aspirin and my thyroid meds of course. Hoping to start feeling some RPS soon!!!!!

Hugs to you all!



K @ ourboxofrain said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you this month!! I really hope you'll be joining us soon. Your Easter sounds like it will be very fun and family-filled, even without BFP news to share, but I truly hope you have that extra bit of sweetener!!

Future Mommy said...

Thanks, Kathy! I'm so hopeful, too, but you're right - even without a BFP to share, we'll have a fun Easter to look forward too!!