Sunday, January 20, 2008

13 DPO and...nothing

I...tested again this morning. I shouldn't have. My temp dipped. Not as low as the dip at 9 DPO, but by almost a half degree versus yesterday. And I swore I'd only test today if my temp was AS HIGH as yesterday. But I woke up SWEATING! How could my temp have gone down?!

How funny is this: I actually stopped peeing, mid stream, to run and get a cup to pee in so I could use the Dollar Store PIAC test. Am I pathetic or what? Yeah, BFN. BF'n surprise.

The good news of the day is that I passed my PHR certification exam this morning/afternoon! 225 questions with 4 hours allowed - and I managed to somehow finish 90 minutes early. I was on super fast forward speed all morning. SUPER excited to have passed. The damn test costs $300 to take and you have to qualify with time-in-credit in HR positions, which was a bit like the inquisition, but I PASSED, so NYAH NYAH NYAH.

So...where am I at, IPS-wise?

Ok, last night, about two hours after dinner, I got EXTREMELY nauseous. That didn't pass until early this morning. My sense of smell was wacked. FD got home from work at 4:30 AM (he works 6 to 4) and crawled into bed and I instantly accused him of smelling like tuna fish. He hadn't had tuna fish. But I smelled it. And it was making my nausea worse. And then I heard dogs howling from like blocks away but it sounded like they were outside our bathroom window. I didn't sleep well last night. Like barely at all.

FD told me today that he was a little freaked by how heightened by senses were last night. Tell the truth, I was too.

Ok, back to symptoms. More spotting today...again, very light. Just shading, really. Not liking that much. More twisty turning tummy rumblings. Still have a lower back ache. Still stopped up like a corked bottle. Still creamy yellow-ish CM, although not nearly as much as the past week or so. And still peeing more than usual. BBs still sore, nips getting sore, but not AS sore as they were. Right one is catching up with left one - both are bigger than usual.

Current gut feeling is that the hag is playing with me. Just not feeling the hopeful vibe. We'll see.

I swear, I swear, I will ONLY test tomorrow IF my temp goes back up and is AS HIGH or HIGHER than 10-11-12 DPO. It's my last test. I'm tired of wasting them.

How are ya'll doing?

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