Monday, January 7, 2008

PEAK a boo!

We got our first peak on Sunday! Yahoo! (Ok, I feel like it's still Sunday, but since it's after midnight, ok, we'll go for it technically being Monday.)

I really can't believe I got a peak day so soon, quite honestly. FF has been claiming that I O on CDs 16/17/18...and while I always felt that was wrong instinctually, despite my temps, I couldn't prove otherwise. But now, to have my first peak day on CD 11 and presumably my second peak day today on CD 12 (after I go to sleep and get back up in 5 hours, that is!) it looks like my gut feeling was right.

I went back and looked at my past cycles, and can't help but wonder if that's where we went wrong...concentrating on later days instead of earlier when we BD. Of course, we did BD several cycles on either CD 10, 11, 12, or 13, but who knows?! Looking back to our spring pregnancy, we would have had to have conceived on CD13...I was out of town CD10/11/12 and then DH was out of town starting on CD 14.

So here's hoping for a miracle this cycle. We're on a BD roll at this point (I've never had sex on so many consecutive days in my life!), and will keep it going another two days, until I'm out of town again. FINGERS CROSSED!

How are all of ya'll doing?



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