Friday, July 18, 2008

The PA Shipment

Several weeks ago, we traveled to PA for five days, and shipped back 350 pounds worth of stuff to our home in Texas. Most of this was baby-related, although some of it was beyond random. Included in the shipment was our crib, changing table, antique rocking chair, and other essentials for the nursery - so you can see why it was so heavy!

In any case, this is just another Google Docs to go visit if you're curious on how to compose a 350-pound shipment! You'll be pleased to know that FedEx treated us well and nothing was significantly damaged en route! I have a picture to post later of most of this stuff piled in my dining room...but thankfully, most has now been put away.

Mind you, much of this stuff is as old as I am...but because my mom so carefully preserved, it looks as good as new - even the crib's mattress! And fortunately, the crib meets today's safety standards for width of bar!

PA Shipment List

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