Friday, July 18, 2008

Eyeore Becomes Tigger

I had my endocrinologist check-up yesterday and it went exceedingly well!

Around my house, Dr. P, the endo, is often referred to as Eyeore. She's a terrific doctor - I wouldn't be still going to her after all these years and multiple times a year if she weren't. But she's kinda got an Eyeore vibe to her. Even after halfway good checkups, I sometimes come home upset because she makes sure to temper good news with cautions always, always, always and sometimes, Future Mommy would just like to hear the good news and screw the bad.

In any case, Eyeore was Tiggerific yesterday. My exam is only half of the story, of course - my blood work, not due back until Monday or Tuesday - will tell the real tale. But based on my exam, Future Mommy's Grave's Disease is actually easing up a bit due to this pregnancy. Apparently, my shifting hormones are shifting in my favor - yahoo!

The doctor recorded the lowest blood pressure that's she's ever seen from me in the years I've been her patient - 120/75. That's also lower than has been recorded by the OB and the specialists in the past few weeks, so that's good news. My heart rate is also holding it's own - it was 96 yesterday, which is much better than the 110 that was the norm just after I was taken off the beta blockers a few months ago.

The only scare of the appointment came when she delivered what should have been a good observation in such a grave voice that it freaked me out. "I can't feel your thyroid at all," she said. Well, that should be a good thing, because she usually can feel it, and that means that it's aggravated basically. The fact that she couldn't feel it means that it's well under control. But her tone of voice! I just stared at her. When she realized I was upset, she rushed to assure me that it was good and that she hadn't meant to scare me.

So now we wait for the blood work. This is very important stuff. Right now, my dosage of medication is one pill per day too high to safely breastfeed when Bunny gets here. And that's something I have my heart set on doing. But if my bloodwork shows that my numbers are all in good range - which they unfortunately weren't last time - then we can drop back down to two pills per day instead of three and have no concerns. Fingers crossed!!!!

One more visit with her before Bunny gets here and then she'll examine us both after the baby actually arrives. Boy, time is really flying now!



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Sassy Mama Bear said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that the blood work comes back the way you need it to be.