Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Needs New Shoes

I've gotten several emails from friends in the blogosphere as well as in real life asking me where we've registered for baby supplies. It's a big secret!

No, not really! I just really didn't want to post my registries and look like I was begging for presents for baby. But since the only people who have been told about those registries are the ladies my friends have invited to my baby shower, I guess I can't depend on mental telepathy to work for everyone else!

So...presenting Bunny's Baby Registries:


Babies R Us

Wildflower Diapers

Please don't think terribly of me for posting is NOT a request for presents. We have so much for baby already that I feel terrible about having even registered for anything at all...have I mentioned the 350-pound shipment o'stuff from PA???

This is simply a way of putting info out there to family and friends who have asked for it...hope it helps! And Catherine Elizabeth would like to thank you in advance for thinking of her! She says "kick, kick, I'm a lucky baby!"

(And yes, I realize this puts my actual name and location out there...but heck, I'm a freelance's already out there, all over the place. So the least of my worries is someone "tracking me down.")

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Sassy Mama Bear said...

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