Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Of Leg Cramps and Babies

I have been having a ridiculous amount of leg cramps over the past several months. I mean, I had leg cramps every so often before Bunny came into being, but now, they're both more often and far more severe.

I've noticed a definite correlation between when I stretch out in a horizontal position (aka in bed) and when they occur, so I've tried to stop myself from doing that. But sometimes, it's inevitable.

I thought this was just a "me" thing, but I finally got frustrated today and took to the internet to find out if other pregnant ladies have as many leg cramps as I do. I mean, not just an owie, but a MF'in OWIE.

Turns out, it's an actual pregnancy problem for many women. Who knew? Different theories are that they could be caused by carrying around extra weight or by the rerouting of your normal blood flow in order for baby to grow.

That's all good and well...but being impatient little Future Mommy me, I cared more about getting them to STOP than why they ever started.

Here's what I read about prevention:
  • No leg crossing
    Well, shoot. I do this unconsciously.
  • No prolonged standing
  • Stretch often and rotate your feet/ankles often
  • Exercise often
  • Walk, walk, walk
    Doesn't this violate the non-standing rule?
  • Try not to become overly tired while pregnant
    Was this advice written by a man?
  • Lots o'water
  • More water - warm baths
  • Get lots of potassium and calcium, but cut the phosphates
And here's what I read about relief:
  • My method of screaming, leaping from bed and hopping on one foot saying OW OW OW OW OW OW OW until it goes away is generally not recommended. Gee. Worked for me!
  • Stretch and flex
    Dude, have you ever TRIED stretching through a debilitating cramp?
Now here's the bad news. If the cramp doesn't go away or if pain stays behind after the cramp ends, it could mean a clot which means doctor time. For me, the cramp usually goes away after my hopping and screaming routine, as described above.

Here's where I got my advice:

March of Dimes

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Kelly said...

Hey girl! I don't know if anyone has told you to try this or not BUT if you get a really bad cramp try flexing your toes and foot BACK liketowards your belly.. Does that make sense? That always makes mine go away! This won't help the frequency but will hopefully make them less painful.
I want to see new belly pics too!!!! Show em girl! :)