Sunday, July 27, 2008

27 - er - 28 Week Ultrasound

Well, the title of this post should give away the gist of this past Friday's appointment!

During our monthly ultrasound, we found that not only was baby continuing to be just a couple days ahead, but is now far enough ahead on all measurements that we are officially changing the due date.

Hope no one was too attached to October 25th! The computer model from the U/S now shows October 18th as the 40-week point. The only measurement in which Bunny was not significantly ahead is her leg length - her other measurements range from almost a week to almost two weeks ahead.

AND SHE HAS A FULL HEAD OF HAIR! Jeez! The tech looked at her head, and then looked again, and I was like "WHAT'S WRONG?!?!" But turns out that she was just making sure she'd actually seen hair - she said that to see a full head of hair at this point was pretty unusual.

When the doctor came in, he said "So, we're at 28 weeks now." I said, "Well, not really. Tomorrow marks 27 weeks." He paused, looked at me, and said "So, we're at 28 weeks now."

Ok, point taken! It's official - we're moving ahead a week. It's kinda like the TV show Quantum Leap - pick a date and we'll go forward to it!

So now we're not at all convinced that this baby won't beat me to my birthday, which is October 8th. If the plan, which we'll discuss at our next OB/GYN appointment, is still to plan for baby to come out around two weeks early, that now puts us around October 4th - and my birthday isn't until October 8th!

We discussed my endo results at the appointment and the peri was quite calm - his opinion was that as long as there are no weird symptoms and baby continues to look good, we're not going to worry about those odd results. He did make me promise, though, that the second that I feel anything like a thyroid flare, I'll call him and get my butt in to check on Bunny immediately.

So that's my update on Bunny! My baby shower was also this weekend - I'll post more on that soon!! :-) And I have a new toy - a new camera - so belly shots are about to get MUCH more clear! I'll post this weekend's belly shot tomorrow morning or afternoon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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Sassy Mama Bear said...

None of my kids arrived on their due dates, Zak was supposed to be born on Halloween, his birthdate is 8/27/93 not suggesting that much of a difference mind you.
Hope you got plenty at the shower you can use, but know a special gift from cyber auntie Penelope will be coming. I have no neices so I need one :)