Friday, July 18, 2008

The Insane Pre-Baby To-Do List

I've alluded to it many insane list o' things that I want to accomplish, specifically during July, prior to Bunny's arrival.

I developed this list by walking around my house, with husband and niece in tow, and taking a page of notes for each room or space on what I believed needed to be done to make the room or space perfect. Or, in other words, good enough to satisfy my bizarre craving for the picture-perfect household. it is! I've tried valiantly to post it from Excel straight to Blogger, but it just isn't working out like that.

So, using the amazing technology of Google Docs, you can find it here: Baby To-Dos.

Isn't the screen shot pretty? C is FD, T is FM, and J is our niece.

Google Docs is pretty high tech, but can't handle some formulas/formatting, so I stripped it down to the basics to display. (I'm type A about my type A, and so the original document has a lot of formatting in it...but I'll spare you that, dear readers!)

I'll update this periodically as we make progress and stuck a tab for it at the top of the blog so you can check in on us. Right now (July 18th), we have 114 items, with 36 fully accomplished and 15 in progress. Many of the remaining are pretty simple...but that doesn't make them get done any faster! For the most part, we'd still like to accomplish a majority of all of these tasks prior to August 1st - CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!


Gia said...

hahaha I thought i was OCD!!!!

Future Mommy said...

Yeah, I'm a bit OCD...perfectionist...type A. Some people laugh at me...others just straight up think I'm ready for my straight jacket. HAHA! :-)