Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bunny's Growth

Ok, so I actually almost decided to spreadsheet this data so I could graph it, and then I decided that even I'm not that Type A! But, since this is the kind of analytics I love studying, here's a look at Bunny's growth, tracking the last three sonograms.

BPD = Biparietal Diameter (head, side-to-side)
HC = Head Circumference
AC = Abdominal Circumference
FL = Femur Length
EFW = Estimated Fetal Weight

Gestational Age: 26w6d
BPD: 28w5d (+13 days)
HC: 28w3d (+11 days)
AC: 27w1d (+2 days)
FL: 27w0d (+1 day)
EFW: 28w2d (+10 days)
Weight: 2 pounds 5 ounces
Average: +7.4 days
Computer EDC: 10/18/2008

Gestational Age: 23w2d
BPD: 24w0d (+5 days)
HC: 23w0d (-2 days)
AC: 23w6d (+4 days)
FL: 24w1d (+6 days)
EFW: 23w0d (-2 days)
Weight: 1 pound 7 ounces
Average: +2.2 days
Computer EDC: 10/22/2008

Gestational Age: 18w3d
BPD: 19w1d (+5 days)
HC: 19w0d (+4 days)
AC: 19w1d (+5 days)
FL: 19w0d (+4 days)
EWF: not calculated
Weight: 11 ounces
Average: +4.5 days
Computer EDC: 10/22/2008

Interestingly enough, the 1st and 3rd ultrasounds were the same technician...the results that are a bit different in the 2nd ultrasound was a different technician. I'm curious at what the progression would have been with the same tech all three times.

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