Monday, July 14, 2008

25 Week Update

Dear God, I can hardly believe that we're already at 25 weeks! Theoretically, if Bunny is still progressing ahead, we're really at 26 weeks. And according to my pregnancy book (also known in my current life as MY BIBLE!) your third trimester starts at 26 weeks.

This shocked me to read! I always thought it was at 27 weeks that the 3T started - for me, that's the day of my upcoming baby shower! But already now at 26 weeks? DANG!

Bunny is doing fabulously well. She kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks. I'm thinking that I have a future ballet dancer/karate star/kickboxer on my hands! And she's STRONG! Her little kicks wake me out of a sound sleep - in pain!

My belly is incredibly tight these days. That cracks me up. It's like I have my formerly-flat-and-toned belly back, but just with a basketball inserted inside. It was a bit flabby for awhile, but I think the little one has gained some weight and taken up some more room, while my own weight gain has finally stabilized. I'm having tons of those little contractions. Sometimes dozens each day!

I think I am still eating and gaining at a good rate (at least my doctor thinks so) but I am also doing more now to burn calories so maybe that's why the flab has gone fit. The down side of that is that the skin on my stomach feels like it's stretched to the breaking point. Seriously. I can't imagine it stretching much farther...but we still have quite a ways to go!

We got an incredible amount of work done on house projects over the weekend. I'll post more on that later. Including my insane 100+ item to-do list. My niece (age 15, staying with us for July - same one who visited last August) and my husband work well as a team and I help with whatever I can manage. Yesterday, that included spending 2.5 hours at the top of a taaaaaaaaaaalllll ladder, touching up paint near the ceiling line because I've decided that anything less than perfection makes my head hurt.

Here's this week's stats:

Weight: 133 pounds
Waist: 35"

Forgot to measure boobs and hips...sorry!

I promise that we've been taking belly shots...I just never seem to get them loaded. I'll make that a project for this week! Needless to say that I hate the ladies who say they've only gained 16 pounds or whose bellies at 30 weeks look the same as mine at 25/26. Argh! Doc, are you sure there's not twins in there?



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Nicole said...

Kudos on getting so many house projects done. It must be really nice to have your neice helping with things around the house.

I know it can be VERY frustrating to compare your weight gain/stats/body images with other pregnant women - but it doesn't really do any good. Every woman and each pregnancy is different. Some women show differently or earlier/later than others. As long as you and baby bunny continue growing at a steady rate, that's the most important thing.
Personally, it makes me cringe when women say that they were so sick during the 1t that they still havent gained any weight but the time they hit 20 weeks or more.
Uhhh, if it makes you feel better, Im at 134 lbs right now, and you're a good two months ahead of me!
That said, I'd love to see belly pics, whenever you get around to posting them! :)