Monday, July 21, 2008

26w2d - Time is Flying!

Dear Bunny,

How are you doing, little one? You sure are kicking me a lot these days! we talked last night, Mommy would REALLY appreciate not getting kicked in certain areas...dang, you can sometimes really hurt me! Ouch!

We got a lot of work done around the house this weekend, Bunny, in my quest to have as much settled as possible before you arrive. Here's a tally:

Completed items, as of Friday: 36
Completed items, as of Monday: 44

In progress items, as of Friday: 15
In progress items, as of Monday: 20

Items remaining, as of Friday: 63
Items remaining, as of Monday: 50

YAHOO! We're really making progress! We're almost at the halfway point...and the better news is that everything remaining untouched is minor - everything major is already done or in progress. YAHOO!!!!!

You keep doing your thing, baby, and we'll keep trucking away on our end. We love you so much!!



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