Tuesday, September 30, 2008

37w3d...Paging Baby!

Well...we made it to 37 weeks! I find it hard to believe that almost two weeks ago, the doctor said that we were at any day now and that all we were missing was contractions. And yet...nada!

Here's an update on how we're doing!

Early last week, I began having weird little dizzy spells. Dots would start swimming in front of my eyes and I'd get dizzy and weak and nauseous. I visited my endocrinologist for a check up and she said that it was likely due to momentary drops in blood pressure. I actually laughed. Me? The one with the tendency to high blood pressure? I'm now having the opposite problem? Lord.

I had a handful of those spells, and each lasted between a half hour and an hour. They went away if I simply sat quietly and drank some water. Since FD was out of town with the state police contingent in Galveston, one of my friends spent the night to baby sit me, because we realized that if I ever passed out, no one would even know. I don't think my dogs and cats are up to dialing 911!

A little later last week, I lost my mucous plug in two large clumps. Icky, but yay! That means progress, right? Haha. Not. I think that was on Wednesday. FD got permission to come home Thursday evening because of my little spells so he could take care of me. And after that...haven't had a single one.

We think I might have had some very light but sporadic contractions both on Sunday and yesterday...but they never got stronger or closer together. The only reason I'd even suspect they were contractions were because they were twinges like none of the others I've felt all along. And now there are none at all. We went on a long and very brisk walk last night, and while that succeeded in relaxing baby (my belly is softer for the first time in weeks...she'd been spending ALL of her time tensed up) it did not succeed in getting any action.

Oh, and for added extra fun, I tweaked my neck Friday night, somehow sleeping funky. So now I have almost no range of motion and a constant bad headache. Argh. FD has been trying to rub it for me, but I end up howling in pain.

So here we are. I've outgrown my maternity clothes. You know...those clothes that cost a ton and are supposed to grow with you? Well, late last week, they stopped growing with me. My stomach is hanging so low that it is actually getting harder and harder to walk. If the doctor hadn't felt that we were "imminent" almost two weeks ago, we would have discussed an extraction plan by now since the plan was originally for 38 weeks to avoid any late pregnancy high blood pressure issues due to my thyroid.

We have another checkup tomorrow morning. We're planning a longer and more vigorous walk tonight. I'm continuing to go to work but have finished transitioning my projects and duties to coworkers, so I'm just doing ad hoc work now. I'm ready. FD is ready. The house is ready. My car has been packed with all of our hospital stuff for almost two weeks now. Bunny, won't you come out to play?



Nic said...

She's just listening to Auntie Nicki who told her to wait until October.

Future Mommy said...

You may be the first and only person she's listened to yet, then!

So, tonight would be perfect with another long walk, right? Because even if I ended up in the hospital tonight, it's likely she wouldn't be born until after midnight, and hence October. That works for me!

We're trying to avoid the 2nd - that's my brother-in-law's birthday. But hey, I'd even take that. We'll just see what happens, I guess. Anxious to hear what the doctor says tomorrow.

Nic said...

I was very stern. She could totally be an October 1st baby. She's waiting until October and she's going to be a prompt October baby, on the 1st. My guess is that she'll want to be the first of everything. Or she'll want to wait until Auntie Nicki's birthday on the 7th.

I know you're a picky eater, but I remember from my best friend that spicy food and pineapple are supposed to help too.

Nic said...

Also, are you going to update right away when she arrives?

Future Mommy said...

Actually, I eat quite a bit of spicy food, so haven't had any lucky with that yet. Had a super spicy taco salad for lunch and...nada. Another long walk is planned for tonight as well.

I will try to update as soon as possible after she's born...my hospital has free in-room wifi and my laptop is part of my "must take to hospital" pile.