Friday, September 5, 2008

My (Food) Luck Ends

Nope, not a typo. I meant "food", not "good."

I've been really, really lucky so far with the food I've eaten. Other than a few aversions early on that I think were entirely mental, and then my little bout with morning sickness at the start of the 2T, I really haven't had any food problems.

In fact, I've bragged that heartburn has never been my issue.

And ya know what they say about braggers...

Ugh. For the past few days, I can't seem to pick the right foods to not upset Bunny. And I'm too stubborn to go to an all-bland diet because, really, I like sauce. On everything. And salsa.

I've also had a few coworkers advise me that while breastfeeding, I'll have to eat bland, too, so I don't upset Bunny's tummy. So calling all mama's out there - what's your take on this? How bland are we talking? Because the plan is to exclusively breastfeed until Bunny is well established on "solid" foods. (And the good news with that is that my thyroid is staying in line nicely for once so I shouldn't have to re-up my meds back to where I wouldn't be able to BF.)

What, exactly, does bland entail? And keep in mind...I'm probably the pickiest eater you'll ever encounter...and no, I'm not kidding.

Heap your advice on me...this is my latest concern!!!

Love to you all!



Babette said...

I avoided spicy foods, cabbage and broccoli and foods with a lot of garlic or onions. I don't remember eating 'bland' foods though.

Nicole said...

Hey, dont worry about the foods you eat during breastfeeding! I love salsa and dips and sauces a whole lot too. In fact, when pg with Hannah, during the 3T I would have gladly eaten all my meals at Taco Bell, spicy sauce and all.
I never had dietary issues while bf'ing Hannah.
Although, SOME babies are picky, and might possibly have a milk allergy or something like that. A friend of mine couldnt eat broccoli or garlic while bf'ing, she said it gave her & baby too much gas/indigestion. Who knows. It's really a trial-and-error thing, and you wont know until you get there. But breath easier: unless Bunny ends up being colicky or having lots of gas, you probably wont need to eliminate any things from your diet.

BTW I would love to see that list of cloth diapers that you've gotten... I wish there was someway I could go to the store and actually look/touch/feel/test all the different kinds, instead of
just browsing online or getting sample diapers!