Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, after posting on Monday that I felt like we still had a million things to accomplish, now we're actually making progress.

First, thanks to Anon. for posting the link to the hospital bag web site. Very informative. I've printed out that one and a few others. My main "lacking" point right now is needing a new nursing bra. I bought one early on and don't have a chance or a prayer of it fitting now that I'm like two band sizes and a cup size larger. Besides, I hated it. I just can't do underwire. I do have two nursing nighties (one with a matching onesie) and a few nursing shirts. I'm seriously considering foregoing an actual nursing bra - any other mamas have thoughts on this? Are there varieties available without underwire? If so, why can't I find them? Can I just make do without? I think I can.

Next, I've found a pediatrician to interview. We have a fundamental problem, however, and it is one of distance. The hospital I am delivering at is 30 miles from my home. There are about a million hospitals between here and there, but that's where the OB/GYN is located that I've been going to for 5+ years and that's where I've had surgery in the past, and so I won't even consider going anywhere else to deliver. But...we don't want to pick a doctor all the way in Dallas for Bunny to go to. For FD and I, it's one thing that most of our doctors are located in Dallas...we don't either of us ever go to the doctor unless we're practically on our deathbeds. But for baby...I want someone closer. So the one I found is associated with the same hospital system (Texas Health Resources), but a different (and closer) hospital within the system. I have no problem with using this hospital for any problems that may arise in the future...I've had friends deliver there and I have visited the ER there when I was terribly ill. But...I'm going to guess this means that if we choose her, she won't come check out baby in the hospital since it's 30 miles away. I know there's staff peds at the hospital and I'm ok with them checking baby out, but do you think it'd be terribly imposing of me to ask this particular doc to come see us when the time comes? Also, are you supposed to pay for the interview visit with a pediatrician? I'm going to call to make an appointment on Monday.

We start Lamaze tomorrow morning, and I am more than ready. I love that Bunny is doing well and growing well and strong and all that...but I am ready to be done being pregnant. I think I've kept my whining to a minimum, but I'm pretty miserable right now. Between my short torso that is just compressed to hell and gone and just general feeling icky complaints, I'm ready for Bunny to be here. It hurts to breathe, I'm now back to feeling ill every single time I eat no matter what I eat, Bunny is kicking the crap out of me to the point that I double over in pain regularly, my legs get weak - not just tired - when I walk even the shortest distance, my back hurts if I sit, stand, or lay down so that doesn't leave any other options...etc. I can't believe some women go through this a half dozen or more times! I think I'm up for once more and then done. And while I've always wanted children who are extremely close together in age (I'm fascinated with the thought of Irish twins), I now realize that I'm going to need a good long time before I do this again. Ok, ending whining now. You can keep the cheese. (It'd make me sick anyways.)

Our Lamaze class is in two six-hour sessions...I scheduled this instead of the more drawn out but shorter sessions because of our work schedules but now am wondering if I'm actually going to want to be there for six hours straight. And I'm really hoping that this doesn't turn into a babies for dummies class. Or a crunchy touchie feelie class. Because I'm really up for neither. I want to learn about pain management, I want to learn more about the facilities, and I want to go home. :-)

I guess that's about it on the update end. We had another checkup this week but it was just a heartrate check for the most part. Still strong. My BP is holding it's own...I think it was 120/85 this time. I did get a bit of a lecture for not going to L&D the one night when I had a lot of trouble breathing, but my rationale is that it just blew over on its own. Doc is getting a bit more concerned about my numbness...hands and feet going numb consistently now, without any correlation to what I'm doing at the time. If it keeps up, I'll get a referral apparently. We'll see! Personally, from similar experiences in the past, I think it's more along the lines of a pinched nerve than anything pregnancy related. FD wants me to go to the chiropractor, but I'm so dang busy right now that I'd never fit in more appointments. I have three appointments between the 16th and 17th...the endo for a checkup and bloodwork, the OB for an exam, and the peri for what will likely be our last sono...and I have to reschedule all three. My pregnancy brain forgot to remind me that I have all day training which I am conducting those two days. Doh! Positive side of that is that I got a new Franklin Covey planner to help me stay on track...I can't keep anything straight these days!

So that's my world - how are you all doing? I owe a bunch of you visits/comments...I promise to come around soon!



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K @ ourboxofrain said...

A couple of quick comments:

1. Medela makes nursing bras, including ones without underwire. They have them at BRU and at (and, I would think, other stores).

2. We didn't have to pay for our pediatrician interviews. And we only live 7 miles from our hospital, but none of the pediatricians locally will go there after the baby is born. The question around here at least is whether they round there (or at least have privileges). If so, they might go in even if they aren't rounding; if not, you get whoever is on that day. We then see our regular pediatrician two days after we get home.

3. I have had numbness in my hands for weeks. My doc hasn't been concerned. But it totally sucks. I can't wait to meet our baby -- and getting feeling back in my hands is an added bonus.

Hope the class goes well!