Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Latest Appointment Update

Well...we had our latest appointment with the OB/GYN today to check on Bunny's progress.

Let me back up a bit. Last night, around 5 PM, I started having sporadic contractions. By midnight, they had solidified into a pattern of about 8 minutes apart. By the time we left for my doctor's appointment just after 8 AM this morning, they were 5 minutes apart, stronger than before, and lasting around a minute a piece.

Turns out that silly 5-1-1 rule is a myth.

I got to my appointment and after listening to the heartbeat for a few minutes (130 bpm), we got down to the physical exam.

Now remember...two weeks ago, I was almost 3cm and 75% effaced.

Today, I was "definitely" 3cm, 90% effaced, and the baby was at a -1. Despite contractions, the doctor didn't feel it was time. But because I had made some progress (+15% effacement), she also didn't feel it was necessary to set an extraction plan.

So in there Bunny will stay. For how long? Who knows! After like 8 hours of contractions spaced in 5 minute intervals, they are tapering off now. Not getting any lighter - I can definitely tell they're there, unlike the very early ones that I wasn't sure on. But tapering off in timing. I think I'm down to like 4 or 5 per hour.

ARGH! So we go back to the doctor on Monday. Unless Bunny comes first. Oh, please, God, let her come first! I'm walking like an old woman, back to putting on multiple pounds per week instead of just 1 or 2 and just very, very ready for her to be here.

How are all of you other ladies doing?



Signe said...

I'm surprised your doc didn't try stripping the membranes...My last baby was similar. At 38 wks I had it done and he came less than 24 hrs later.

A New Beginning said...

I am so very excited for you and can't wait to see how things go. Good Luck! Try lots of walking as fast as you can.

jen said...

See, told you that real contractions are noticable. ;) I too am surprised that at 90% effaced they didn't strip your membranes. Your doc must have plans this weekend. ;)
Honestly though, I would be surprised if Bunny doesn't show up before the weekend is over.

Good luck! Do you have a guest poster to keep us up on news if you go into labor? Pleeeeaaassseee?

Nicole said...

How exciting, to have contractions! And tiring, I bet. So sorry it was false labor though. Maybe Bunny will come by Monday. Sounds like youre making progress. I can't wait to hear all about it! Sending lots of labor vibes your way, girl...

Me, I just hit 28 weeks and am doing great. Everything is normal and healthy for us so far, Thank God!