Monday, September 1, 2008

33-ish Weeks Update!

Hey, everyone!

How are all of my new mamas and TTC sistahs and presently preggo pals doing this fine Labor Day morning?

Life's been crazy in Future Mommy's world...but I'm sure the same is true for all of you, as well!

It's really and truly hard to believe that we're in the homestretch now. Only one more month to get through until Future Baby gets here.

I had my girlfriends over for a girls night (pizza, movies) last night and when they were leaving, they rubbed the tummy good bye. I made the remark that the next time they see Bunny, she might not be in there anymore. WILD!!!

Still have a few things to tick off the baby preparedness checklist. They are:
  • Take prenatal classes - these start for us next weekend.
  • Find a pediatrician - yeah, haven't done yet. That's bad.
  • Finish curtains for Bunny's room. Haven't touched the sewing machine for WEEKS!
  • Finish crocheted blanket. It's not like she needs it. She has about 763 others. But I started it and by God, I'm gonna finish it. It's like 80% done.
  • Pack hospital bag! I keep saying I'm going to get this done early...and yet haven't yet.
  • Write baby shower Thank You notes. Between my work and friends/family showers, I have a bunch of Thank Yous to write...and just need to get it done, dang it!
  • Finish stash of cloth diapers. With one of the writing contracts I just wrapped up, I earned the rest of the amount needed to buy the rest of the supplies on my must have list. As soon as the PayPal hits my bank account - hopefully tomorrow - this will be ordered. Luckily, the online store I registered with ships quickly!
  • Go to Target and use several gift cards to finish buying breastfeeding supplies - the storage bags and trays and dethawing thingie and stuff. Believe it or not, the rest of my registry stuff is pretty much all fulfilled between my several showers and a whole bunch of stuff some very generous people have given us second hand. I keep wandering through Target and BRU and looking to make sure I haven't forgotten anything big or vital but it looks like we're actually well set up. Among the second hand stuff were things I hadn't even thought about...but now seem like essentials. Crazy!
How's everyone else doing?




Anonymous said...

Hospital Bag checklist - hope this helps!

Nicole said...

Yes, you really should pack your hospital bag, JIC. Never can be too prepared, you know? Crazy, that the next time your gfs see you, you might be holding your bunny baby instead of carrying her around in your tummy! That really is hard to fathom, I bet. But Im glad everythings going well and Im sure youll be able to check off the rest of the things on your list very soon.

Are you planning to use cloth diapers? I would like to, but there are so many different kinds.... it's kind of overwhelming! What brand(s) did you register for?

Gia said...

We need nursery shots!!!

Babette said...

Look for a pediatrician before anything else. They go to the hospital and check on your baby after the birth.