Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here's a question to BTDT mama's...

How do you know if you're dropping/have dropped?

Over the past three days, my belly seems to sit noticeably lower than before. I actually have more room now to bend over and my boobs aren't quite mashed into my stomach any longer.

I've Googled this, of course, but the info I've found is, as always, contradictory or confusing.

So what are your thoughts? Am I imagining things, or at pretty close to 35 weeks, is Bunny just wiggling her way into position?

Our next ultrasound as well as OB and Peri appointments are next Thursday, so finding out her position and size is still a week away. In between now and then, I have to get through two speech competitions, where I'll be on my feet, and two days of training, where I'm the one delivering training.

Bunny, stay put. PLEASE. I love you and very much want to meet you, but Mama still has a few things to accomplish before you get here!


jen said...

Do you have to pee more than usual? If bunny has "dropped" its usually directly onto your bladder. LOL Sounds like its possible since you describe easier breathing and mobility. Also sign little bunny is readying for your trip.
Don't worry, though. Its doesn't mean bunny is coming soon, she's just getting prepared.
:) Blessings!

Gin said...

Yah! I agree with jen. I'm now 32 week and my baby dropped since last week. You will be peeing more than usual but other than that you and the baby will be ok. :)

A New Beginning said...

Another good sign is mucous. I started this about 2 weeks before I delivered.

Signe said...

I knew I dropped when I could breathe again! I also quit pushing him down at that point ;)