Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Only One?

Hi, ladies!

Welcome to the week 32 edition of "man, I'm getting uncomfortable", hosted by your favorite pregnant lady, Future Mommy! For updated belly pics, click here!

I seriously feel like I'm going to pop. I had no tummy prior to Bunny. None. No extra skin to spare. But somehow, I've managed to spare an extra SIXTEEN inches so far around my tummy. That's right - my tummy is up to 40 inches. YE GODS! One of my coworkers looked at me last Thursday and offered the opinion that she thought I only had 1 month to go instead of potentially 2. Yes, thank you. I'm big. Got it! :-)

Ok, ladies. How are your ankles doing? I know that it's a "common" pregnancy issue to have swelling in ankles. Back in June, while doing a lot of back to back travel and rushing to PA besides, my ankles were, well, scary. But since then, not really much of an issue.

Except now...but it's only one side! My right ankle is most definitely swollen; left ankle? Just fine. Interestingly enough, after several weeks of no leg cramps, they've come back, too. But only on one side. That's right - only my LEFT leg is cramping. I mean, seriously. Could we try to coordinate efforts here on sides??? :-) I still have a numbness problem going on (have I mentioned that before? Can't remember.) where my left arm will randomly start hurting above the elbow and go numb below. The OB/GYN was mildly concerned over that when I complained at my appointment...could have pinched something potentially. If it is still happening at next appointment, apparently I'll get a referral to have it checked out.

I'm just so amused that all of these random issues are on one side only. Not that I'm wishing for extra problems by going bilateral, mind you! But just seems funny!

Bunny's in a mood these days. She spends her time contorted more often than not. But more on that later! And HEY! Go visit my new parenting blog - 0 to Mom!!

Happy Monday, ya'll!




Sassy Mama Bear said...

Try lying on the opposite side for a half hour and see if the issues subside. Trust me this will all be worth it in the end.

Gia said...

omg you look fab honey!!!

Kathleen Milazzo said...

My daughter is having her first baby, she is 35 weeks and having a boy named David Anthony. She is really starting to have a hard time sleeping, eating, moving, showering, etc. The worst is her constant indigestion, she is eating tums by the handful and they are starting to not help too much anymore. Her due date is Oct. 6, she can't wait!