Friday, October 12, 2007

No Birthday Positive...On to October!

Hi, ya'll!

Yes, this post is overdue - so sorry! We spent all of last weekend, including Monday, working on home improvement projects around the house, getting it ready in time for my mother-in-law to arrive for her five-month winter stay.

AF was due, and arrived with an almost horrific vengeance, on Friday, the 5th. first month of charting and reeeeeallllly trying came up empty, but I've decided that I'm actually ok with that.

First, I really feel like I've gotten to know my own body better, and that will only help me in the future. This charting thing takes a bit of work, but now that I feel like I better understand it, I can more use it to my advantage. If any of you don't already chart, definitely head over to - it's awesome. And I will definitely be taking Kathy's suggestion to take the free charting e-course to learn even more.

Second, I really feel like FD and I have gotten our act together and gotten on the same page. Our relationship is still fabulous, but it's now even more so because we got that long talk in September about what we really want from/for our family out of the way and can now head into the future.

Third, thinking about a June baby arrival, I almost panicked. Why? I'd REALLY love to get a planned addition added to my house, perhaps beginning construction part way through next spring after my MIL leaves and our other assorted guests depart after Easter. And I'd REALLY love to have it completed before Future Baby (FB) gets here. Which might not be by June.

Fourth, I just took a really deep breath and a chill pill in the form of Smirnoff Ice. We'll get through this. We'll have a baby - someday. If we have (continued) problems, we'll find solutions. If it doesn't happen in '08, it'll happen in '09 or '10 or WHENEVER. My goal of two kids by 30 may not be a realistic one at this point, but I've started down the path of convincing myself that I'm not a failure if it doesn't happen. And hey...I still have three years left - it's possible. Who knows?!

Anyhow, thanks, ladies, for continuing to read my rambles and for providing such great support over at TTCAM. I love you all!



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