Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Two Week Wait

It's that fun time of month...the two week wait. My temps did not coincide with my EWCM, and so FF has pinpointed my ovulation date as CD 17 - also known as Sunday, the 21st. I'm going to agree with it this month instead of resetting it to CD 16 as I did last month. Because the CM and the BBT did not agree, I have no idea, at all, if we hit it right on this month or not...I'm just totally clueless. Hopeful, but clueless.

AF is due November 1st-ish. I am absolutely committed this month to not testing early. That's just an exercise in futility. No symptoms yet...last month, I had stomach issues and soreness throughout almost all of the TWW...we'll see what this month brings.

I had a work trip yesterday to DCA and back (7 hours of plane travel for an hour long meeting!) and was flipping through SkyMall on the way back for awhile. I actually let myself look at baby items! I saw this nifty neato car/airplane baby seat that transforms itself into a stroller. No, it doesn't hook into a base like some really is an all in one. I circled it to show to FD, and he loved it too. Then I found a video monitoring system...the next step up from audio monitoring. By remote control, you can change the scope of the video to monitor your child's every move - it moves 360 degrees! Circled that, too. I know that I'm way jumping the gun - being pregnant first and then surviving the first few weeks without another MC would be key before buying baby stuff! - but this is the first time I've even allowed myself to look since March, so I think it's a big step.

In other news, I took the FF feed off my seemed pointless. Didn't display anything other than my cycle day and random factoids. Why bother? I'm going to replace it with a direct link to my FF site.

Hope all is well with everyone!!



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