Friday, October 26, 2007

Every Month's Trap

Do any of you find yourself, every month, falling into the trap of analyzing every symptom - or non-symptom! - as a potential portent of pregnancy? Argh!

Last month, I had soreness and crampiness and general ickiness and I just knew that it meant I was pregnant. I just knew it.

And I was wrong.

This month is the opposite. I have no symptoms. My temp went back up a bit today and I'm having loads of creamy CM (literally, loads), but nothing else. By this time last month, I was nauseous, sore and just grumbly. This month? Nada.

And I'm still trying to read that as a sign.

I'm trying to look back to the spring, when I suspected nothing until days after AF hadn't arrived, and say, well, if I didn't know, that means I didn't have symptoms, right? Which means this could be the same, right? And I could be pregnant, right?

How frustrating.

I'm finding myself doubting FF again, as well. I mean, why would I have 3 EWCM and 1 watery CM day, all in a row, 2 days before I O'd? By then again, why would FF be wrong - they clearly marked when my temp went up, so they must be right, right?

If FF is wrong, I could potentially be 8 or 9 DPOs instead of 5...far enough along that this extra CM (have I mentioned that it's literally gobs? I can't ever remember seeing so much, just like earlier this month, I couldn't ever before remember seeing so much EWCM) could be a good sign and the extra boost in temp could be a good sign as well.

If FF is right, I'm 5 DPO and just being very, very silly. As usual. And since our LPs shouldn't be off by more than a day each way every month, I'm really being silly, because then it would mean that FF is wrong last month as well (I still say it was wrong by at least a day) and just who the heck knows what's up.

Really, I just need to STOP over-analyzing and wait for what will come. AF is due November 1st - if no AF on November 1st, we'll go ahead and test. Just in time for our campout for NASCAR weekend - yippee! That one test is the difference between drinking it up with my buddies or chilling out and being happy and mellow with just my hubby and our two friends who are attending with us. We'll see, I guess!

I'm off to over-analyze some more and - perhaps - get some dang work done!

Have a great weekend, ya'll!



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