Friday, October 26, 2007

I had...

...a few drinks tonight, at a girls night out little shindig a few of us put together since its been nearly a year since our last girls night out. And now I'm wondering if I should feel guilty for that. Granted, if anything is a-brewing, it's still way too early to tell. And I drank in moderation - no getting drunk for me! But still...I don't want to do anything to mess myself up, kwim?

Going to bed...trying not to think about it. It's still 5 days until I can even think about testing. Argh.

Have a great weekend, ladies!




Hilary said...

it would still be pretty early to be worried about a couple of drinks. if you did conceive there's a good chance you haven't implanted yet anyway. don't stress, hon.

nicolehmom said...

I wouldnt worry about the drinks. You didnt get drunk, you dont know anythign yet either way, it shouldnt effect anything.
I can TOTALLY relate to your last post!! It's so easy to get obsessive and start to overanalyze everything single little twinge and possible symptom.... it's enough to make you insane!!!