Monday, October 29, 2007

Aches and Pains and Cramps, OH MY!

Good (very early) morning, ladies!

One of the moderators on TTCAM, Jessica, posted a note tonight about a potential link between chiropractic treatment and fertility issues. I responded that I'd been treated by a chiropractor in the past (actually, two separate docs) to a great degree of success and was considering seeking treatment again and would be interested in that link myself.

The downside is that now I'm sitting thinking about my various aches and pains and cramps. Argh. I've been working on finishing a critique on a manuscript from my writing group, and although perched on my very comfy new loveseat, I'm having to adjust myself ever five minutes or so, because no position will give respite to my poor painful hips. This problem has grown to the point of the ridiculous. The docs tell me they can give me no meds for this if I'm trying to conceive, but dammit, I'm at the point of no longer being able to cope. They hurt when I stand longer than a few minutes. They hurt when I sit and am not constantly shifting what little weight I have. They hurt when I'm lying flat on my back in bed. Getting the point here?

My last chiropractor told me that he believes the root cause of my hip pain is that one of my legs is slightly longer than the other, causing my hips to tilt and thus pain. I wore a heel life for quite some time, but after I discontinued the chiropractic care that coincided with the practical correction, the pain was back immediately. I'm beginning to discount the entire theory, really...why would the pain continue when I'm sitting or lying? I don't stand for very much time out of any given is it possible for the pain to continue so?

My other aches are of the more manageable variety. My lower back, as always, is sore. I haven't escaped that pain fully in more than ten years. The chiropractors both in PA and TX helped with that, but never fully cured it. The cause? According to both docs, the curvature that was never found in time and corrected. The PA doc predicted that with vertebrate crunching against itself, I'd be nearly immobilized by age 40. I still recall that conversation from time to time and hope dearly that he was just trying to scare me into continuing treatments and that it will not actually become reality. The doc in TX wasn't nearly so harsh - he simply stated that even the most innocuous looking curves (mine really isn't very severe - simply was never caught and corrected when it shold have been) can cause pain. It's funny...if this pain went away, I would notice it more than if it continued. After more than 10 years, I'm quite used to it.

And then my cramping. Abdomen. Lower left side. Sporadic but has been sharp a few times. Feels a bit like your bladder might if it was very full and in need of relief. Not terribly painful, actually, but a sporadic cramp. Not sure what that's about. We'll hope for good reasons instead of bad.

My current insurance costs $30 per chiropractor visit. That's steep in my world, between trying to pay off debt and increase savings. But I'm again beginning to believe that it is worthwhile, if it can at least solve some of my aches and pains...and perhaps even help in the baby department as well!!

Something to ponder!



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hancock_alisha said...

oh good luck with the chiropractic appts! that is way awesome! i hope it works! good luck on getting that BFP!