Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Drop on Sunday, only a gradual rise to Monday, sharp rise to Tuesday, sustained high on Wednesday...

I think I found my O!


So if it was on Sunday, like I think (and some wonderful ladies from TTCAM checked my chart and confer!) then we have have indeed hit the nail on the head, so to speak! Now I just have to hope a little swimmie from Sunday night made it though!! And that this is one of the 20% chance months that the little bugger survives and implants. This could make for an AWESOME birthday present...I'm just so dang hopeful.

I've cut back on caffeine to one soda a day - I simply refuse to cut back any further than that. I'm having milk at least once a day, getting all the protein I can, and drinking lots of water, both pure and "mixed" with lemonade and Kool Aid mixes since I need the sugar. Lots of veggies, too in the past few days. Oh, dang it, I'm just so hopeful!!

Just had to share...FF should give me a crosshairs tomorrow if I have another high temp day. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!




nicolehmom said...

Hi, I found this link to your blog on ivillage's TTCAM board. Congrats on your big O, sounds like you had good timing. Im in the 2ww also, my "O" was the 27th. Hope waiting isnt too excrutiating for you... gosh, I really hate waiting though.

Future Mommy said...

Thank you! I'm hoping the timing was right on - even if not, I'm glad that I'm starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of temping and patterns! Let's see...if your O was on the 27th, you'll test around the 11th, right? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and watch for your postings on TTCAM!! :-)