Monday, July 30, 2007

Some Unpopular Thoughts

Hi, there!

Long time, no write - sorry! My readers will have to realize that I do everything in phases. Life's been busy. So busy, in fact, that there's pretty much no chance of starting a family this month - I think we totally blew the window of opportunity. Maybe next month? That would give us a May baby - that wouldn't be bad. I'd have to say that I won't even want to try beyond that until springtime again - I'm not keen on being due in the summer - as much as I love heat, I suspect I'd hate heat AND being close to full-term at the same time.

In any case, the point of tonight's blog is not going to be a popular one. Just a warning! If you're single and a teenager and pregnant, or some variation thereof, you may want to stop here to avoid hard feelings. If you don't stop reading, I make no apologies.

Rant commencing...

When in the hell did it become acceptable for kids who cannot even support themselves to have kids of their own? This trend not only confuses me, it also makes me angrier than hell.

Now...let's look historically. Yes, in past centuries, women have had children at very young ages - 13, 15, 17 - kids. In those same past centuries, people rarely lived beyond their 40s. And women who gave birth outside of marriage were shunned. And their teenage husbands were already apprentices to a trade so they could support their families. In other words...not an apples to apples comparison.

Now...let's look psychologically. Everyone needs a support system in life. Physical support, emotional support, financial support...everyone needs some kind of helping hand from their support system. I cannot believe it has become acceptable, however, for people who are still being fully supported themselves by their own parents to even consider bringing children into this world. If you can't take care of yourself, what in the world would make you think you can take care of someone else?

Now...let's look at prevention. Birth control failures, in many cases, are due to user error. But ya know what? While some people just can't seem to get pregnant, nearly all people should know exactly how NOT to get pregnant. While these "oopses" grow up to be happy and healthy in some cases, that is not a constant. Which leads to my sub-rant: how could it be considered "ok" to expect "the system" to take care of yourself and your child? Do you honestly mean that my tax dollars are going to pay for the care provided to those who couldn't figure out how NOT to have kids? Surely, you jest.

It is so terribly frustrating to see young girls with no education, a lack of a profitable career, and no stable relationship running around having babies number 1, 2 and 3 (and beyond, in many cases!) while the rest of us break our backs working our asses off, paying taxes into a system that helps those who (in a majority of cases) choose not to help themselves, and putting real effort into making relationships work, only to find out that by some supreme joke that only God finds funny, we will have trouble having kids of our own. ARGH.

I don't freak out regularly or easily - my control freakish nature extends to my own attitude - but recently, I find it very hard to put on a cheerful face and maintain normal interactions when issues like this just will not get off my mind. And the fact that only a minority will even agree with my position on this means to me that society is truly screwed.

I really and truly mean no ill will towards anyone with this post...but the sliding scale of what is acceptable in society just depresses me at times.

And despite that, I say...



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