Thursday, July 12, 2007

How to Have a Baby

Hi, ya'll!

I decided to start a blog on having a baby after reading the blog someone from iVillage created based on her own experience. I already blog and write on a variety of topics online, but until now, my thoughts on pregnancy and having a baby have been too personal to share on the World Wide Web. Even now, I'm doing so under the (quasi) cover of anonymity...

Why did I name my blog "How to Have a Baby"? Excellent question. I chose this name (1) because it was available on Blogger (and so few creative names are...) and (2) because this is the question that is currently plaguing my life and my mind. I have a (slightly) obsessive-compulsive nature to begin with, and my current obsession is having a child.

More later on my own story - I don't want to bore everyone all at once - but for now, I'm welcoming myself to the world of Blogger and heaving a sigh of relief that I've found a venue to put all of my thoughts into writing on the elusive creature called baby.


~FM~ (Future Mommy)

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