Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 28

Well...nothing yet. Either way. Haven't tested and haven't gotten any visits. Based versus two of the last three cycles, this could be considered late. Based versus the "average" cycle, today is on time. Based versus one of my last three cycles, this could still be a day early. And for now...no symptoms, no nothing!

Perhaps I'll stop on the way home and buy a test. I actually did that on impulse on Saturday (shh! Don't tell FD!) but it only said it was accurate 53% of the time that many days before being due...it was negative, but that carries a 47% change of being wrong - still good enough odds to keep me hopeful. Since HPTs measure HCG and HCG can still be very low that many days before, there's a chance it just couldn't be measured.

Conjecture. Pure conjecture. Time will tell...if still nothing by day's end, perhaps I will stop on the way home. We'll see!!!!!



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